Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas and an exciting announcement!

I'm so glad we had a white Christmas this year! Krew is at the funnest age this year. He loves his Uncles Mitch and Jack.

Krew is a copycat. . .whenever I'm in the kitchen cooking he wants to be to. The outcome of this is that I never have a clean pot or pan to cook in because he is always playing with them on the floor. Solution: Krew needs a play kitchen . .. (a manly one) So me and Doug re-painted this kitchen for Krew is white and orange. Those are boyish enough right? My mom got this kitchen for christmas when she was a little girl. Then, she re painted it and gave it to me and my sisters when we were little, and now, Krew is playing with it.

Krew absolutly loves Lightning McQueen lately. He watches the show everyday. (I'm not proud of that but sometimes its the only thing that will occupy him while I'm working.) He was so excited when gama gave him the "cars" cars for christmas. He plays with them all the time and I am very much enjoying the extra time it gives me!

All in all we had a great christmas this year. I love giving gifts at Christmas. Its so fun trying to find a gift for someone that will make them happy. Krew was extra fun this year. He even got in on the giving part which I was glad about. On Doug's side of the family Krew drew his cousin Presley. This gave me a good excuse to work on krew's vocab :) I kept out a pic. of Pres and Paityn and kept saying their names and before I knew it Krew was babbling all about Presley. He came to the store with me and helped me pick out her gift and coudln't wait to give it to her when we got to ama and papa's house. :) It was so cute I WISH I would have gotten a pic. Krew is so sweet. It made my heart just smile inside to see how excited he was to give his gift this year.
Our little family has made it a tradition to go to temple square around Christmas time and look at all the lights. This year we went with my family and it was such a fun trip.
Here is a pic. of my little trooper bearing the freezing cold while we were outside walking around.

Inside the conference center they had a cute nativity out on the stage where the pulpit usually is. . we coulnd't get close but this is the best pic. I got.

The amazingly beautiful 40ft. tall tree in the conference center. . . some day I hope to have a tree this size in my home. . ya right keep dreaming.

Last, but certainly not least. . .MEGAN IS ENGAGED!! Josh and Meg will be tying the knot May 14th. We are so happy and excited for them! Can't wait to have another brother in law! Congrats to the happy couple!

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