Sunday, November 27, 2011

Imma go schoo toooooooo!

Yesterday I played taxi driver for Doug since one of our cars is getting fixed right now we're down to one ride and I'm not a fan. Krew didn't mind tho cause we made a couple trips to daddy's school. When we dropped lunch off to him Krew went thru his normal pleeding with Doug. . . "daddy sit down," "daddy come to Krew's house" and when none of those worked he said "Imma go schooo toooo daddy!" So, Doug took Krew in for a little tour of his school since it was sat. and it wasn't super crowded. When Krew got back into the car all he would say is "that is Nice! that is so nice!" or "I wanna study with Dane and Aaron toooo momma!" It made me think tho. . . I'm glad Krew looks up to Doug so much and I'm glad that Doug sets such a good example for Krew. I hope when college rolls around for Krew he remembers how cool he thought daddy's school was :)

Fun, Fun, and More fun!

We have have been party hardyin lately :) ok just a couple times when Doug doens't have to study his brains out. I made these tasty treats for halloween. They are to die for. Seriously. Let me tell you about them. . . they are called cake pops. I love them. My family calls me cakelin because I LOVE CAKE :) This is the first time I have made these so their not the cutest but they taste absolutly amazing. If I make it to Heaven this is what will be on the menu. Cake pops. Everyday. I could have eaten all of them.

Over Thanksgiving break we got invited to go to a cabin with some other dental students. While we were there us ladies made Thanksgiving dinner that was to die for. The turkey was Amazing . . ok everything was amazing! (Obviously I didn't cook to much:) I wish I would have gotten a pic. of the big feast. It was huge. I needed two plates just to get one serving of everything. There were tonz of sides. Doug was IN HEAVEN. besides the feast the kiddos played all day together and wore eachother out. It was awesome! Here are the few pics that I did manage to take on my awesome camera phone.

Brody was pretty much a celebrity up there. Kisses from all the girls . ..
There was lots of fun to be had jumping from bed to bed. . .

My little composer: :) Krew was in love with the piano there! He would sit on the bench and get so serious and then start playing the keys and sometimes singing.

I'm such a big black Friday shopper. This wonderful pic. was taken at 2 AM when a bunch of friends bumped into each other. Guess we all like good deals. . .

Breaking Dawn. . . need I say more? I know some people don't like this movie but I DO NOT fall into that category. Me and my friends out here all went to the premiere and it was a BLAST! We even got interviewed and got to be on the news! We all got together and made shirts for the event. They were pretty funny. Here are some of the sayings that were on out shirts:
Little nudger (my friends that is prego wore this)
I like my men cold, dead, and sparkling.
I tried to steal Jasper but Alice saw me coming.
I love sparkly vamps.
The Cullen crest.

-We had such a great time and I can hardly wait for this movie to come out on video and for part two to come out!

Krew's new friends.

Krew has made lots of new friends out her in Buffalo. Here are a few that I have pics of. This first one is Molly with Krew in nursery. For some reason these two are always the last ones sitting at the snack table gobbling up all the extra treats! :)

Krew plays alot with Carter and Parker. They usually get along ok but sometimes they fight just like brothers. . .they like to wrestle . . . lots.

The boys looking out the window the the garbage truck. . .what is it with boys and trucks?

Another one of Krew's friends is Maddie- she just lives down the street from us. Maddie is really smart.

And of course I can't forget Ms. Ragan Alexis Dobbins! Ray lives two houses down from us and I'm glad she puts up with Krew pestering her cause she"s Brody's Fav. (she always makes him smile and babble) and I really like it when she does my hair! :) LOVE her!

Krew has lots of new friends but he still really misses his best friend Aunt Abi. My mom sent me a pic. of Abi and her new Boyfriend cause they got nominated for homecoming royalty woot woot! I showed Krew the pic of Abi and he did NOT like seeing her with another friend :) He kept staring at this pic. saying "thats my Abi momma!"

My littlest man. . . .

Just a couple pics of my little man Brody. I don't feel like I post enough pics of this little sweetie Brody is 2.5 months old and he can: hold up his head no prob., roll over, smile ALL THE TIME and put on the lbs. like its no one's business! At his two month Dr. Apt. he weighed in at almost 15lbs. and 23 inches long! What a chunker! He makes everyone around here so happy. We love you Brodster!

If you think his smile is cute. . . you should hear his laugh! He started laughing a couple weeks ago and its the cutest thing EVER! Once, Krew was right in front of his chair and Krew started laughing which made Brody start laughing. Its pretty much my favorite sound.

I love holding Brod right before his bath and checking out all his rolls:) I love my chubby baby!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween festivities

This year for Halloween a few of us got together and took our kids around trick or treating together. Krew got so much candy! We decided to make a party out of it so all the adults ok- MOST of the adults dressed up. Krew's dalmation outfit from last year still fit and honestly with a new baby around I wasn't feeling to up to organizing new costumes so no judging but yes, he is wearing the same outfit as he did last year. I'm a great mom. Oh well, he loved it! Here are some other of my fav. costumes:

Josh and Liz: Or should I say Jess and Larry? Liz is trying to disguise her 8.5 month pregnant belly as a beer belly. She is due on the 10th! I'm so EXCITED for her! My fav. part of this ensemble is the cig's.

I think Josh is really liking the new curves on his body:)

Uncle Rico and his babe. Oh, there is Carter and Parker to . . . gotta love the stach. Why does this remind me of a pic that I have with my parents when I was little? Yikers.

Us at our ward Halloween Party. Yep, Krew is on a sugar high.

We also went to a pumpkin patch. All of these kids' daddys are first year dental students. In order left to right: Krew, Molly, Parker, Maddy, Carter Mia: Addy, Bell, Tara

Krew Had fun playin at the play place even tho the carnival wasn't going. Next year we'll have to take Doug and go when the rides are open.

We did look at pumpkins :) And the petting zoo for a min. lol. Where was I? Who knows. Feeding Brody? Maybe chasing Krew? Gosh I'm bad at pic taking! I'm hoping to score a camera on black friday. Then hopefully I will be better and more excited to take pics! :)