Thursday, October 29, 2009

Up to no good!

Just like I thought that he would, Krew started crawling days after I posted that last post. (That is partly the reason I haven't done a post in so long) Between working 8-8 and watching Krew. . . more like chasing Krew I have zero time. Whenever I hear stay at home moms say how busy or stressed out they are I just have a little giggle inside because I would LOVE nothing more than just to play and take care of Krew all day. . . I feel like it would be a FREAKING VACATION! oh well someday hopefully. Krew has earned himself a new nicname "terror" he gets into absolutly everything. He is such a busy little boy. Here is a few things he has been up to. . .
Its really sad and disgusting that I'm posting this picture but I'm trying to look at the bright side. . . at least Krew is helping me out with dusting.

"Helping" mom in the office. . .

Reaching for things that he's not supposed to have but can't stand to not explore!

Making it impossible to fold laundry.

He even likes the trash! . . . no this is not a homeless baby!

Last weekend my sister Ashley got married. . . I'm still working on getting a pic. of the beautiful bride and groom - because being my ditzy self I forgot my own camera- But, here is a pic. of me and Krew right before the reception. After all the the messes that Krew has been making because he is now mobile I just have to love him because come on now, look at him, how can I not? :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Another Krew Update

Well a couple of days ago Krewzer turned 7 months old. . . not a huge milestone but he's done some cool things this month so I thought I would blog em'. He got his first tooth! He was really really fussy for a few days and then one morning he woke up with a tooth! yay Krew! I didn't give him any Tylenol or anything :( oops. . . He lived tho. He is also ALMOST crawling, he'll scoot all over the place but I think it would be cheating if I called it crawling. He should start crawling in days. So close! He got his second hair cut. . . he is really scared of the clippers haha. Makes for an entertaining cut. Loves his baths, aunts, food, treats :) He's so much fun he laughes at everything and its one of those really contagious laughs! Right from his big ol' gut. haha I just love my Krew.
I thought this was a funny picture that I took of Krew on my phone . . . His first time trying prunes he wasn't to sure about them.

Another one of Krew's favorite foods is blanket :) Don't let these "Angel eyes" fool ya! He can be a stinker! . . . in more ways than one! But I do have to say that this cute face makes up for everything else!