Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My latest project. . .

My latest and greatest project that I've been working on lately has left me totally drained, sicker than a dog, and a little fat... you guessed it- we are adding another member to our family! These past few months have really been a trip for me and I want to write it all down since this is what I consider my journal. So for those of you who don't want to, you don't have to read all this! I was hoping that this pregnancy would be a little easier than my last being that I got so sick when I was prego with Krew. But all my hoping was to no avail. I've been in and out of the hospital, on home IV's and I'm currently hooked up to a small pump that stylishly hangs from my belt. After all this I'm happy to say that I am at the almost self sufficient stage. I haven't been able to cook yet. (we've been relying on my mother in law's cooking, Dougs cooking when he can, and frozen meals:) delicious!) But other than that I'm back to work, I can brush my teeth without dry heaving if I'm carefull, I can walk, go out in public if I dare, and take care of Krew. I'm so greatful for my mom, sisters and Mother in Law who helped my family through these past weeks of absolute Hell. The first 3 months of pregnancy has been one of the hardest trials that I've ever had to go through. That may sound silly to some people but being pregnant and learning to rely on others for the simplest of things is my giant. I have a hard time accepting help for some reason but I'm coming out of this with a greater resolve to help those who are in need more than I have been in the past. I'm also so greatful for modern medicine. Without medicine and a great Dr. I probably wouldn't be able to have kids because I would get to dehydrated and miscarry. As of today I'm 3 months along! WOoHOO! I'm feeling better than I have been and I hope that I feel completely better in the upcoming weeks! I'm sick of being sick. . . bring on the labor!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Born to be WILD

Since Doug has been doing alot of this lately:
Me and Krew have had lots of time to spend together. He's getting to be such a character. Everytime amma and papa stop by he has them just in stitches laughing. He's been slightly difficult for me to get a handle on these past couple weeks. Here are a few of the funny things I've caught him doing lately or that he just likes to do: Mr. Sneaky likes to get the ice cream out of the fridge when I'm not looking.

His new fav. place to watch "toons" It gives me a heart attack everytime I catch him up there!

The weather has been so nice lately. On Sat. I bundled Krew up and let him play outside. He didn't want to come in all afternoon. He played outside for hours!

Krew watched Doug drill something the other day so of course he had to do it to. Under our supervision we let him try to drill on his rocking horse. He now always wants to play with the drill.

Gotta make sure its sturdy!

Another one of Krews' new favorite things to do is act like a "mer-man" in the tub. Check out those sweet cheeks!

How can I not just love this cute little face?

My mom gave me an early Mothers Day gift. We both love to cook from so she ordered us their cookbook! Its so nice to have some of the recipes we love in a book! I can't wait to use it when I start cooking again. . . more on that later. Thanks mom your the best!

Back in Jan. We hung out with some friends in our ward on New Years Eve. I brought a treat in my favorite polka dot bowl. I loved this bowl. On our way back in the house Doug was carrying Krew and my bowl and tripped. I ran back to were he tripped because I heard my bowl shatter and Krew start crying. When I saw what had happened I cried "my bowl!" (apparently I was more in love with the bowl than Krew :) I was madder than a hornet for days after because my favorite bowl was gone :( Well when our anniversary rolled around last week Doug TOTALLY REDEEMED HIMSELF!!! This is not the same bowl but I think I like it better. I just love polka dots and I love it even more because my sweet husband scouted it out for me. Thanks Doug! Your!