Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We spent Christmas day with the Messicks this year. It was really fun. A little while after everyone got there me and Camille noticed that we had dressed alike! We were twins! :) Krew was so excited to play with all of his cousins that he wouldn't take a nap the little stinker. He had lots of fun tearing all the wrapping paper into shreds tho.

He's really working to keep his eyes open in this pic.!

I was a little bummed this year that my family went out of town for a few days but it was kind of nice in a way because our holiday was a little quieter than normal but I felt like it was easier to focus on the true meaning of christmas. :) Corney I know. The sunday before Christmas I was asking my primary class what they were excited to do during their Christmas break and almost every kid said that they were most excited to give a gift away! How sweet! What if we were all excited to give on Christmas and not to recieve? I really appreciate the gifts, treats, and cards from everyone this year! I love getting Christmas cards. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and enjoys the rest of the break!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

I got tagged to do this post :) Thanks Missy. I'm really not much of a good cook to say the least but here are a few of my fav. Christmas treats! At the Messick Fam. Christmas party we alway frost sugar cookies. . . (that is where these came from) and my mom always makes them to give away. They are so yummy!

My mom also makes Bananna bread to give away. Simple yet delicious!

. . . . and thats all of the pics that I got :) But here are a few more of my fav.'s
* Tofee, My Grandma's recipe. My mom usually makes this every year also but this year she didn't have time :(
*Scones, We usually makes these Christmas morning.
*Hot chocolate (of course)
*chocolates! My father in law makes chocolates every year and they are the best!
Sorry this is kinda a lame-o post! I the food I eat usually doesn't stick around long enough for me to take pics.

Our last min. Christmas spirit

This year for Christmas we were going to stay the night at my parents house but 2 days before Christmas Eve my parents decided to ditch us and go to Arizona to spend Christmas with my Grandma :) (I'm really just jelous that we couldn't go.) We decided that since we were doing Christmas by ourselves then we better get a tree. So thanks to bruce and his tree farm were got to have this perfect little tree. Just the right size. Didn't I decorate it beautifully? haha

This is my favorite. . . ok only ornament :) my mom got it for me. She said that it reminds her of Krew because when Krew gets hung upside down he laughs so hard. Thanks Mom!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Nine months!

I'm a little late on this post . . . but Krew is nine months old now! Here are all the things that Krew can do: Go up (not down) the stairs. Pull himself up on everything. Stand by himself. Walk holding only one hand! He eats mostly just what we eat not so that is nice. He sleeps through the night half of the time :) I know I'm a sucker but I just can't handle his screaming! He likes to wave bye bye and give kisses. One of my fav. things about Krew is his curly hair. It has calmed down quite a bit since he was born but he's still got quite a bit of curl in it.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Its beginning to look alot like CHRISTMAS!

We took the weekend off last weekend and went on a little vacation! We went down to SLC the day after Thanksgiving and stayed at the Little America Hotel. That Hotel is SWEET! It totally puts me in the holiday spirit being there because they always have it decorated for christmas this time of year. We also went and saw the lights on temple square, ate some AMAZING food, and got some pretty good deals while shopping. Bruce, Terrie, Alan, Dave, Paul, Camille, and Elsie were all in on the fun so we had a good time hanging out with family. (Even tho my brother in law Paul teased me quite a bit) I had such a fun time! If I look like I'm a little to happy in this picture its because I am! There is nothing like a little shopping and holiday spirit to put me in a good mood! :)

Doesn't this look sweet? I thought it was pretty.

This is the lobby of our hotel. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!

When daddy comes home. . .

Can I just say that I absolutely LOVED having Doug home over this Thanksgiving weekend? I know that Krew did to. They played so hard. . . . and slept hard!! SO NICE to have someone around to wear Krew out :)