Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Yes, thats right- this little meat ball is walking! I can't believe he is marching around everywhere! This makes him so happy! He tries to keep up with the bid kids and sometimes ends up on the ground again but he has taken to walking surprisingly well. It took him about two days and then it just kicked in and I haven't seen him crawl since. Watching him walk makes me so happy. He's the cutest little thing I've ever seen!
Brod-toads little friends like to help him walk. It somewhat reminds me of a newborn horse trying to walk for the first time. . . A really fat horse :)
I love his guts. :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Summer 2012

After we got back from Idaho we had 3 solid weeks of fun with Doug still around! We did quite a few fun things. We are lucky enough to have lake Erie close by providing lots of fun beaches to play on that are no more than 1 hour away!
We also went out to Palmyra and saw the church sites. We really didn't have any excuse to not go. Its only 1 hour away so we decided we better go!
The boys at the statue at the visitors center.
This is the hill Cumorah. I made Doug go stand on it so you can see how steep it is. It's seriously steep.
The Palmyra temple . . .
This is Joseph Smith's house that he lived in when he had the first vision. The sacred grove is right out the back door. While we were on the tour of it my kids were going in every which direction. I honestly wasn't getting much out of it until the sister missionary opened the back door to show us the sacred grove. When she did that she recited the first vision. My kids held still for the duration of her speech and I got goosebumps just looking out the back door listening to what happened 200ish years ago. Its amazing to think that I was standing a few hundred yards from the place that Heavenly Father and Jesus came to Joseph Smith. AMAZING! The spirit was so strong!
This is us at Joseph Smiths second house. The one he stayed in as he tried to keep the golden plates safe from the mobs.
These are the exact bricks and the exact fireplace that he hid the plates under.
We walked through the Sacred Grove. I snapped a couple pics, honestly our time in the sacred grove was less than spiritual. :) By that Point the kids were tired and sooo hot!
We also got to see the "Hill Cumorah Pageant" It was awesome! It is put on on the acctuall Hill Cumorah. It goes through the Book of Mormon story clear until the time that Moroni buries the plates and then Joseph Smith finds them again. Its pretty cool. Krew LOVED it and still asks to go back to "pageant". Anything that you get to stay up late for is pretty cool I guess when you're 3!
Krew has been doing T ball this summer and I think its been really good for him. I have been absolutely terrible at taking pics but here are a few from my phone lol.
Rounding 3rd, headed for home!
How about that nice lookin 3rd base coach!
Krew with his T-ball buddy Henry.
Another first we had this summer is Krews first highlight!! lol Daddy wasn't to happy about this so we had to do it when he wasn't home. :) I think its pretty cute tho!
Doug finished up Krews bike. Here is the finished product. What a good Daddy!
Krews Yellow Jeep died. Correction-Krew drove it into the ground. So we found another jeep on craigslist and bought it. While Doug was picking it up the guy he bought it from asked if he wanted this fourwheeler he had, for free!!!! YESS PLEASE!!!!
One day I had to do a hair apt. without Doug around to watch the boys. I didn't think it would be a big deal because it was relatively fast. Oh no, Krew found a marker and decorated himself. I caught him just as he was about to decorate his brother.
Brody wanted his picture taken to! Don't judge the immodestly of my kids! Its stinkin hot here!
This pic. was before the jeep died. Krew saw one on Tv that had a trailer so he decided that his jeep needed a trailer to! He got a shoe lace and fashioned the wagon on behind the jeep with dad overseeing the project. And what better than your little brother to haul around! Brody LOVES IT!
Doug took Krew to see a monster truck show at the fair. Krew died. and went to heaven. He loved it! Krews friend ragan and her dad went with them. They had a ball riding on the rides at the fair!
And then the fun came to an end . . .Daddy had to go back to school. Here is is first day of the second year of dental school! We sure love you daddy!
Krew cried and stared out the window for an hour after Doug left for school. It was a rough couple days with out dad :)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Our trip home to Idaho!

Beware of picture overload! I'm sosososososososooso far behind on blogging! We went home to Idaho for 3 weeks this summer. It was wonderful to get to see family again and meet my new niece!
Doug's parents drove down to Salt Lake to pick us up which we are so thankful for! While we were in SLC we checked out the new shopping center there and of course we had to visit temple square. When we were sitting by the little water feature in front of the temple we saw two teenage boys stealing quarters from the water! GRRRR. . . .
The new shopping center is awesome. There is a little creek that runs all the way through it! Krew had a blast playing in the water while we browsed. Doug's parents dropped us at the Lyman estate where I got to meet my niece for the first time! My sister Ashley had little miss bentley about 6 months after I had Brody. I'm so glad we have kids close to the same age! Bentley is a doll. I seriously think she's the cutest and I hope I get a girl someday that looks like her!
We might have tried Bentley's bow on Brody :) Ssshhhh. . .. Don't tell Daddy!
The next day we went up to palasaides for some camping and boating. Isn't it beautiful here? I was in heaven. I want to go back!
The water was stinkin cold! I told my brothers that I would take them to a movie if they jumped in first and they did!
And then I got roped into doing it somehow! BRRRRR!
When we got back from camping it was already the 4th of July! We hit the parade in the morning, played the day away and then when night came my mom was so nice to watch the boys for us so we could go enjoy the fireworks with some friends.
Krew learned how to be a fireman! He was in heaven looking at the firetrucks and spraying their hose!
At this point we went to stay with the Messicks our time was half over! I know I'm leaving alot of things out that we did with my parents- we also went out to eat a couple times, took my bros and Krew to the movies, shopping, shopping, shopping, and lots of fun!
While were were staying at Doug's parents Krew got the opportunity of riding Uncle Paul's horse "Fancy"! He had a blast and once he got off all he wanted to do was get back on! side note: another funny thing that happened while were at the Messicks- Krew decided he wanted to go pet Fancy- at this point I had not talked to Krew about the electric fence surrounding the horse. We were chatting inside and Krew was outside playing with his cousin Quincy when all of the sudden Quincy comes running inside and said "Krew got shocked!" I ran outside as fast as I could to see Krew standing on the other side of the fence crying. When I asked him if he was ok he said "that fence bit me!" Hilarious yet accurate. I sure felt like an A+, #1, mom of the year. NOT!
I celebrated my birthday while we were in Idaho. I have been looking forward to this birthday for a while in hopes that my compadres here in buffalo might get off their old horses and stop giving me such a hard time for being so young! :) Doug's mom was soooo nice to tend the boys for us and give us a long date on my birthday. It was the best. We went to lunch at one of our fav. mexican spots Puerto Vallarta, did some shopping, and later that night we went to spiderman. Thanks Terrie!
We also got to go boating with some of our good friends the Nulphs and the Sanders. It was so fun to hang out again!
The Nulphs let me try their surf board which was way way fun! Thanks friends!
We also got to spend time with our cousins Presley and Paityn while we were home! We headed to Jensens Grove one day to let the kids play on the beach and of course eat at Rupes while we were there. We weren't to sure about the weather at first but it ended up being a really fun day! (if you can't tell,these pics were not taken by me!lol. My sister in law Tracy sent them to me. Already edited and ready to post! Thanks for being such a great photographer Tracy!
OOOhhhh Daddy I like the water!
Sweet friends these two little cousins are! Krew talks about hanging out with Presley alot! I think he recognizes her sincerity in wanting to play with him. Even tho Pres is a little older she is always so nice to want to play with Krew. So glad we got to spend our time with great friends and family.