Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fun in the sand box

The weather was SOOO nice outside last week. (unlike this week) While daddy was studyin for finals we had lots of fun being outside in the evenings. This is Brody's first summer so there is alot of new things for him to experience! I'm glad I grabbed the camera on the way out the door to play in the sand box the other night! I apologize in advance for all the pictures but I had lots of fun watching Mr. B experience the sand box for the first time!
I liked to watch his hands :) he just kept pushing them as far as he could into the sand. It was so cute!
I love this boy.
This butterfly landed close to Krew and he thought that it was so cool.

OuR EaStEr!!!

Easter is the first "big holiday" that we've spent away from our families. Sad story. But instead of focusing on that I decided that we needed to keep ourselves busy with our "buffalo cousins." We got together for a kids craft day and then again for a little easter BBQ this week. I feel really lucky to have such great friends out here!
Krew and Keaannedy
Tate really likes the eggs :)
... and this is what the moms do after the kids color their eggs. lol. Sit down exhausted and watch our kids run crazy outdoors!
Krew got to do several easter egg hunts and he really really enjoyed them this year! (or mostly enjoyed the surprises inside the eggs :) This pic is from our wards' play group egg hunt.
The easter bunny found us!! Krew got a sticker book, some monster trucks, and two swords so him and dad could sword fight! . . .and of course his share of sugar.


Brody started crawling this weekend! Well, really its more like scooting :) He needs to fine tune it a little. But he gets where he needs to go so I say it counts! (don't judge me for putting food on the floor to bribe him! I had just vaccumed the floor just so you know :)
What mom? You're going to make me crawl for a cheeto??
REACH. . .
Mission accomplished! Finally got it!

Brody- 6 months

I am SO FAR behind on my blogging. Brody is not 6 months anymore! He's 7 1/2 :) Nevertheless he still deserves a 6 month post right? I swear it seems like Brody was just born yesterday. Here are some fun facts about Brody when he was 6 months old: He loves food! Food of all kinds! There isn't anything that he won't eat! He really likes puffs. He ate them broken in half at 6 months. He also likes juice. He weighed 19.5 lbs. at his 6 month check up. He eats solid foods 3 times per day and has 3 6oz. bottles per day. He usually takes 2- 2 hr. naps per day. He usually sleeps through the night. He could sit up on his own. He rolls all over. He loves loves loves his brother. Nobody can make him laugh like Krew can. He can say DA DA and gets so excited to see Doug when he gets home from school. :( I thought ma ma would be his first work but alas, again mama came second. Brody really is such a good baby. We love him so much and feel so blessed to have him.

Thursday, April 19, 2012