Saturday, January 17, 2009

Jacks new fav. mag.

Last Sunday was our stake conference and we are in the same stake as my parents right now so we sat with my family. My two little brothers Mitch and Jack are usually CRAZY! Me and Doug were expecting an interesting stake conference :) They are everything but quiet and still. However, when we got there I noticed that Jack wasn't running around he was sitting quietly looking at a magazine! haha Jack's new favorite thing to look at during church is the Halloween edition of Oriental Trading magazine! My mom told me that ever since the first of Oct. he drags that magazine to church every Sun. and quietly looks at it during all of sacrament meeting! He won't let my mom throw it away! The lady that was sitting in front of us turned around and said "What is Jack playing with? All I hear from him is "squishy eyeballs" and "Scary Skeleton"!" Hey Whatever keeps him quiet!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Our Wedding

So I'm just learning how to blog. . . thought I'd put some pics up of us- these are from a while ago. The top pic is of all my brother in laws TRYING to lift me up. I really appreciated their faces of pain! haha I would like to see them pick me up now! If you noticed that little gadget we're going to have a little baby boy here in aboout 7 weeks. We're going to name him Krew. Its exciting to get his room all ready and buy clothes for him. If he looks anything like his daddy he's going to be pretty dang cute :) he might just steal my heart.