Wednesday, December 22, 2010

hmm . ..

So the link that I was trying to leave below for the tags didn't work for some reason. . . they're under the U-create blog that I have a link to on here. Just scroll through like 2 pages until you seen them. Looks like I'm a novice blogger also!

What we've been up to . . .

Last year our Christmas spirit was so lacking that I vowed to make Christmas more present in our home this year. I've been busy doing so many Christmas projects. I'm so glad that these few things that I've made we will be able to re-use each year because I don't think I will have this much ambition again next year. :)I started with making our tree skirt. It took me alot longer to make than I expected. Pry because I'm a novice sewer. Don't look to close!

I wish I could say that I made this wreath but I didn't. My sister Megan was so nice to make this for me and the cute little decorative trees below. I have loved this wreath.

Aren't these little trees cute? She also made my mom some that are gold that turned out realy classy looking.

I also decided to make some stockings with the leftover fabric. This is Dougs and Krews.

Mine and a spare.

All 4. . . and no there is NO symbolism in the fact that I made 4 stockings as I have been asked one point five million times. I AM NOT pregnant. . .I just thought that 3 stockings would look silly hanging on 4 hooks. :)

Just a pic. of my favorite ornament on my tree. . . I'm really getting into birds lately.

Well crafting isn't all that I've been up to lately :) I have set aside time to eat and sleep ect. ok and spend a little time with my family. My nieces Ms. Mckenzie and Ms. Reilly came and stayed the night with me last weekend and we had such a blast. They both wanted to do my hair in the "salon room" so I definatly got pampered. We stayed up so late just laughing. We played the funnest game called Curses from Porters Its a blast! My mom just bought it for us to play on Christmas Eve and I can't wait!

Just a couple pics of my little man. His new favorite thing to do is feed his "baby" aka his little bear with a bottle. He is so sweet. Don't get me wrong he loves loves loves trucks and balls and boyish stuff but I just love that he has such a sweet, caring side to him!

Also, here is a link to some cute free printable Christmas tags. Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Wonderful skin care!

For the past few years I have been looking and looking and looking for some good face wash. I have been on proactiv for a really long time and everytime I would try something new I was ALWAYS breaking out. I've tried everything from just a plain bar of soap to Estee Lauder face wash which can get expensive. I had all but given up when one of my friends told me about the M2 face wash. I tried it out and I absolutly love it! I had no breakouts switching over. It is so gentle on on your skin it has made my skin feel great. The best part is. . . its budget friendly! It is only $25.00 for a 3 month supply. I also purchased this handheld microderm. I've never had a microderm before but I have a couple scars on my face that really bug me. Since I loved the face wash so much I decided I would try it out. It has made such a difference on my face. My face is so much smoother and I can see my scars fading. It is also saving me quite a bit of money. To get a professional microderm runs somewhere around $70.00 and this little machine that should last I dunno . . . forever . . . is $150.00 I'm so glad I found this skin care. Its made such a difference for me so I wanted to share it will all my friends. If anybody would like to try it out here is my friend Lindsay's email. - she is the one who sells it. Just thought I would share my great findings with ya'll!


December 1st finally came! Our family has been waiting for this day for months. . . back in June Doug applied to 12 different dental schools. In the following months he flew all over the country interviewing but none of the schools can tell the applicants if they have been accepted or rejected until Dec. 1st. So, patiently we waited and waited. We have both been dying to know the outcome of Doug's little ventures. Well on Dec.1st this is what we found out: Doug got accepted to- Western University in Cali, and Buffalo University in New York! He is on the waiting list in Loiville, Ohio, Indiana, and Las Vegas and we are still waiting to hear back from Creighton and Midwestern in Arizona. We are so excited and relieved! I'm so proud of Doug and all the hard work he has put in the last four years. Its so great so see it paying off and I hope he knows how proud his family is of him. We love you DOUG! Tune in again soon for our final decision on where we'll be for the next 4 years!

Family pics.

My mom recently got a new camera and she got all of us together to take pictures and I think they turned out really well . . .

Check out my beautiful mom! She is so pretty!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Saturday, November 6, 2010

If she doesn't scare you, no evil thing will. . .

This year for Halloween Krew was a dalmation and me and Doug decided to dress up as well. I was Cruella and doug was a dog napper. Sadly, this was the best pic. we got.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

My FaVoRiTe things about fall

I just love the fall season . . .

One of my fav. things about living in Idaho is watching the leaves turn. Its so pretty. I never get sick of it.
Who doesn't love jumping into a big pile of leaves . . . that someone else has spent time raking up? :)

How about taking pictures in the leaves? We just had our Messick Family Pics taken and I think they turned out pretty good. This is a pic. of Krew and his closest cousin Elsie. They are 3 months apart and they are so cute together. (I'm a theif I stole this off your blog sorry Camille.)

Pumpkin pie shakes

Apple cider

The boys of fall :) We all love watching football. Ok maybe Doug and Krew like it a little more than me. I don't mind tho, it gives me time to get some things done. Whenever we turn it on Krew stops what he's doing and yells FOOTBALL and starts clapping. Its pretty cute. He also has a mini football that he likes to practice throwing. He actually has a pretty good arm that little lefty, although I don't know how excited I am about that because he likes to throw his ball at breakable objects and we have had a few casualties :) We've also been able to go watch Doug's brother Allen play this year for the Shelley Russets who just moved up to 4A division and their doing great. His team is in the state playoffs right now- more pics to come of that! Connor, one of the boys in my primary class invited us to watch one of his games which was also lots of fun. I just love this football season!

Last but certainly not least: THANKSGIVING!!

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays, but as it has been approaching I can tell that it is going to hold even greater meaning to me this year. This past month there have been a couple tradegies that have come upon a couple of our friends. They have hit close enough to home to really make me have much more of an eternal perspective. Its sad that it takes a tragedy for people to sometimes stand back and really look at whats important in life but that is definatly what I have been doing. I feel so blessed to have Doug and Krew. They mean the world to me. I'm never again going to complain about having a hard day with Krew because there is people out there who would give anything to have one day with their child. I want to start focusing more on being a better wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend. I want to focus more on making sure that all my family and friends know how much I love and appreciate them. I want to make more time for reading my scriptures, and going to the temple. Those are the things that I should really add to my "to do" list and stress when they don't get done. I'm going to try not to get offended again because being offended is nothing but a waste of time. "Those who take offense when none is intended is a fool. Those who take offense when it is intended is also a fool" -President Monson. To all my friends and family: I LOVE YOU! and as of this past month have a greater resolve to let you know that, and I hope the feeling is mutual! When I look at my life with more of an eternal perspective these are the things that are most important to me.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Boys

Doug is such a great dad. He can't stand to listen to Krew cry himself to sleep. The other night he said that he was going to go into him room and read him one more story so he would stop crying and he was gone for a really long time. I went in to check on them and this is what I found:

Sweet huh?

Where we've been. . .

Paradise . . .

This is the temple in Phoenix, Az. Doug got an interview here so we all flew down and spend a few days.

Does anyone know why this plant is growing leaves and feathers?

My Grandma was so nice to let us stay with her while we were in Pheonix. Krew had such a great time playing in her pool and playing with her dogs. He also had his first encounter with a prickly pear at her house. He only touched it once, and then walked far away from any cactus the rest of the trip. I was also able to visit One of my best friends Missy and her boy Jacoby. We had fun taking our kids swimming and then shopping. Ok maybe just swimming. :) Going shopping with Missy just isn't as much fun as it was in high school. One reasons for this: Krew FYI: I learned a fun little fact during my stay in Phoenix. . . did you know the plural word for cactus is cacti? pronounced (cact- eye). . . interesting.

Krew had such a fun time hanging out with grandma great!

Beauiful Missy. I wish we could have gotten a picture together :(

Jacoby is half fish. . . he wasn't even scared to jump in where he couldn't even touch! I was totally amazed!

Hello Mr. Handsome :) Your daddy must be a looker!

Krew and Coby . . . chillin on the beach rockin the water wings!

Labor Day

This summer we decided that Krewzer is old enough to come ridin with us. We've taken him on a few rides and he LOVES it! He sits so perfectly in front of Doug, pointing at things and saying WOW! Sometimes when I ride up on the side of him I can hear him say Hi Mommy! Its especially funny when he tried to immitate us and tried to stand up! So we went riding on labor day and I finally remembered to take some pics! It was pretty cold So he was all bundled up but that didn't put a damper on his spirit!

Krew could have sat here forever I think just throwing rocks into the stream.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Krew turned 18 months old on the 9th of this month! I can't believe my little baby is that old! Where does time go? I miss him being my baby so much. Wanted to document a few things about him. . .
Krew sleeps through the night about half of the time now... every time he gets up he just needs his binkey and then goes right back to sleep.
He DOES NOT like to sleep in bed with us. . . every time he's tired he grabs my finger and leads me to his crib, then reaches up so I can put him in it.
Krew's favorites at 18 months-
Grandma- he always wants to go places with my mom.
Mitch and Jack
"my-moo" and "abba"
any type of sugar: ice cream, suckers, smarties, cotton candy
Everytime we pull up to a gas station Krew says "pop"? he loves pop!
Cereal for breakfast
running errands with dad
riding on the front of Doug's dirt bike in the mountains
the basement
toy cars, trucks and motorcycles
playing basketball
stud finder
feeding himself with "big person silverware and plates"
Things that Krew doesn't like at 18 months-
One other thing that Krew has loved this summer is playing in my parents pond, stream, and waterfall. These are a couple pics of that: