Sunday, February 21, 2010

Krew's 11 month laughs

This month Krew is 11 months! I can not believe he's almost a year old! I wanted to document a few of the funny things he is doing now just so I can remember the cute things he does that make us laugh.
Krews new fav. thing to chew on is his toes! Even though he can barely get is mouth to them because there is a slightly large belly in the way. Its pretty cute.
He absolutely HATES riding in his car seat and going shopping with me. Whenever I try to take him anywhere is screams at the top of his lungs "da da da da" I swear people must think that I beat him or something.
During the day when Doug is at school his. fav. thing to do is point to a certain pic. of Doug and say "da da da." Doesn't matter how many times I look at it he wants to keep showing me this pic. of his dad. Ha ha He's such a daddy's boy.
Oh and I almost forgot! The day that Krew turned 11 months he started walking!! He's up to 7 steps at one time now. It is so cute to see this little boy walking around . . I emphasize little boy. He's not my little baby anymore. :(
Another kind of funny things happened this week. .. perhaps no one with think this is funny except me but once again I gotta write it down so I can laugh about it later. One night Doug came home from school and I asked him how school was that day and he said "Chemistry EATS MY LUNCH!" I didn't know what that meant so, he explained to me that it meant that chemistry is getting really hard. One day when I was packing his lunch this week I added a little note that said: This lunch is not for chemistry! This is for Doug! Aren't I pretty clever? :)
Last Sat. I had the day off so we went out to my parents and went snow mobiling at their pit. Here's some pics I took:

Monday, February 8, 2010

A bLaSt FrOm ThE pAsT. . .

Today me and Doug have been married 730 days (2 years!) Thanks for putting up with me for that long Doug! I love ya babe!


I'm not talkin about the home-making that you go to once a month with the ladies in your ward :) I've just had a few projects going lately so I thought I would post some. This is possibly the first post I've done in a while that doesn't have a picture of Krew in it. . . this goes to prove I do have a life! haha

My sister Megan is really good at art and she painted these for me.

Had to get a pic. with my shower curtain in it so you can see how cute they match my curtain. THANKS MEG!

I've been needing a neclace holding to hang my neclaces on. I saw this idea on a blog. I got these tie hangers from wal-mart and they were .50 each! I don't know if its that cute but it sure is nice to not have them tangled up.

I had to post a pic. of these, I'm kinda proud of em :) I made these for the super bowl and they are from SCRATCH! Thats rigth there is no box about these babies!

I've also been getting into digital scrapbookin and its a blast! I'm still learning but here are a couple pages I've done:

I also wanted to tag a few people in this post: Missy Roe, Lyndsi Morrow, Camille Messick, and Cassie Kunz. . .and anyone else who reads this! You guys should all post your latest "creations" I think is fun to see other stuff that people come up with and get some good ideas!

A Kate of all trades. . .

So ever since me and Doug have been married I have really wanted a bedroom set. I decided that it was time to take matters into my own hands :) After much searching, garage sale-ing, old dresser inheriting, sanding and painting here is what I have come up with:

My dad made this cradle. . . even though Krew doesn't sleep in it anymore I like to leave it in our room cause I think its so cute.

Here is the entire bedroom!