Thursday, July 23, 2009

A day in the life of Krew:

EAT some cereal!
You better believe that the fist thing that I want when I wake up in the morning is some yummy in my tummy!

I like to take naps with my dad.

Put up with my Aunt Ashley smothothering me.

Take a nap with mom on the grass outside in the nice hott sun.

RUN some ERRANDS with mom.

Doug sometimes has a hard time staying awake when he is feeding Krew at night so usually Krew has to hold his own bottle.

How would it be to have Krews life? Lucky guy- Just eat, sleep, poop, (good thing I didn't post any pictures of that one eh?) repeat!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

4th of July

I had good intentions with the flag shirt. I thought that maybe our little family could all match on the 4th so I bought 3 flag shirts but, Doug refused so it ended up just me and Krew matching. Unfortunatly, I didn't get a shot of that.
We did the whold nine yards this year: Parade, Freedom festival by the river, and fire works. Other than having to change two blow out poopy diapers while the parade was parading by (that was a little embarassing) . . . I can't complain to much. Krew was a trooper. He did good, loved every min. of it.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


It has been getting pretty hott and our house didn't have air conditioning until a couples of days ago to Krew has been pretty much living with no shirt on. :) His slender figure and his adorable personality have acquired him quite a few nic names such as: Krewzer, Bubba, Buster, Wheat thin, and skinney. I think the one that sticks the most is buster. But I do find myself calling him Doug alot haha- he is handsome just like his daddy.
This is just Krew playing in the jumper. Grandma Terrie bought it and Krew loves it!