Friday, January 29, 2010

Rough One . . .

So this week has kinda been a rough one for me. I knew that this semester was going to get hard because Doug is taking quite a few credits and doing his internship. For the first few weeks I didn"t think that it would be that bad but then this week hit. . . Its been rough:) Doug usually leaves for school between seven or eight and doesn't get home until about ten EVERYDAY! Its kind of hard on me not seeing him, taking care of Krew all day, and working 50hrs. a week! I find myself pretty much always on edge and wondering is this really worth it? Well I had heard that the devotional at BYUI was really good this week so I looked it up online and it was really comforting to me. It was a talk entitled "Education: A Religious Responsibility" Here is a few of my fav. parts:

Our Creator expects His children everywhere to gain an education as a personal endeavor. He issued this commandment: “Seek ye diligently and teach one another words of wisdom; yea, seek ye out of the best books words of wisdom; seek learning, even by study and also by faith” (D&C 88:118; emphasis added). When you leave this frail existence, your material possessions will remain here, but the Lord has declared that the knowledge you acquire here will rise with you in the resurrection (see D&C 130:18–19). In light of this celestial perspective, if you impulsively drop out or otherwise cut short your education, you would not only disregard a divine decree but also abbreviate your own eternal potential.

Each one of you may have had or will yet have your own day of personal commitment—your own scholastic Sacred Grove equivalent. I still remember my moment of resolution. Many years ago, as an untrained teenager, I secured temporary employment at Christmastime. The work was dull, repetitive, and monotonous. Each hour of the day passed slowly. I resolved then and there that I would obtain an education that would qualify me for more meaningful work in my life. I determined that I would become a doctor of medicine.

Many years later, when I was serving both as a medical doctor and a stake president, I chatted with many young people about their personal educational pursuits. Some asked me how long it took to become a doctor of medicine. I replied, “The general pattern would be four years at a university, followed by four years in medical school. And, should you choose to specialize, that could add another five years or more.

My words would often evoke a response like, “You mean . . . ? Why, that adds up to 13 years—and maybe more? That’s too long for me!”

“That all depends,” I would respond. “Preparation for your career is not too long if you know what you want to do with your life. How old will you be 13 years from now if you don’t pursue your education? Just as old, whether or not you become what you want to be!”

So my counsel then—and now—is to continue your education, wherever you are, whatever your interest and opportunity may be. Determine how you can best serve your family and society and prepare well.

Regardless of your personal choice of career, your education is the key.

. . . Ok so after hearing that come straight from an apostle I'm pretty sure that having Doug in school will pay off. . . someday.:)The more I think about it the more I'm glad that I'm so busy because it makes the time go faster. I'm also thankful for my education and I'm glad that I can support my family at this stage in our life. I'm also greatfull that Doug is so ambitious. I guess I just need to step back and be thankful for a min. I hope that These words help anyone else who is having a rough time with school right now. Its sure a testimony builder to me and I know this is right where Heavenly Father would have us right now.

ps. I usually have to pack Doug a lunch AND dinner to take to school. . ..he says he's getting sick of sandwiches :) Does anyone have any good "to go" or "on the road" foods that I can try? I need some Ideas!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Good Friends and Digital Scarpbookin

Me and some of my friends got together over the Holiday. It was really fun to see everyone! I miss you guys! You can't really tell in this pic. because Lyndsi is a beautiful pregnant person but Lynds is like 36 weeks pregnant in this pic.! She is having a little girl and naming her Maecie. (Sorry if I didn't spell that right Lynds, correct me if I'm wrong k) I can't wait to have a new little niece to spoil. So far our friends have just had boys so we are all so excited for this little girl. Before we know it Missy will be movin away in a couple months :( Its fun to have her as a neighbor right now. We are all planning on going to the premier of Eclipse when it comes out in June. (I'm super excited for that !!!) I'm so glad that I have some great friends like these girls. Love you guys! Missy has been helping me figure out how to do digital scrapbooking lately which I totally appreciate because I am technology retarded and couldn't and wouldnn't even try to figure it out if she didn't walk me through everything. Thanks a million Miss! Me and my sister Ash got together the other day and made some business cards. She had to do some for school and I ran out. If anyone needs some hair help let me know!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

10 months!

True to form I am a few days late on Krews monthly update :) I never can quite get it done on the 9th! Here are a few things that Krew can do at 10 months: pull himself up no problem with one hand, walk with only one hand touching something, go up the stairs in approx 45 sec., make his mom smile no matter how bad of a mood she is in:) Here are a few things that Krew likes at 10 months: TOILETS!! If I would let him he would sit and flush the toilet all day long! He also likes baths, looking at himself in the mirror, going up the stairs, stinking his fingers into outlets and heater vents, pulling EVERYTHING out of every drawer/ cupboard that he can find, bottles, string cheese, cheetos, going to grandma and grandpa's house because they give him every sort of sweet treat that they can think of. . . (I really appreciate that, big thanks to mom and dad) . . . Here are a few pics of Krew doing his favorite things: