Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fun Saturday with DaDdY!

Life out here in NY for us has been a little hectic lately. Doug seriously thinks I'm going crazy. And in all honesty I probably am. Enough about the hard tho. Doug had a big anatomy test last week and was gone until 11 pm every night of the week. He came home on friday after his test and announced that he wasn't going to touch his books all day sat. and he wanted to spend all day with us! Praise the Lord! This family day was MUCH needed. When Doug asked Krew what he wanted to do of course Krew said "THE ZOO!!" Which was kinda perfect because I had just broken down and purchased a zoo pass! Krew LOVES the zoo. The zoo here in Buffalo is so much better than the Idaho Falls zoo! Sure its not the hogal zoo but for us its quite a treat! We just don't have zoo's like this back in good ol' Idaho. This is one of Krew's favorite animals at the zoo.

This is Krew's absolutly FAVORITE animal at the zoo. He'll tell you all about everything he saw there but when he gets to the part about the BRRRRR's he'll say THEY"RE AWESOME!

Little Brody just snoozed almost our entire zoo visit!

When I signed up for our pass at the zoo I got some free ride passes. Krew was so excited to be able to ride on the rides! You can see in this pic. how much fun he is having.

Here is Krew on the train at the zoo. He wouldn't ride it by himself, so being that Brody decided he wanted to eat at that exact min. Doug was the lucky parent who got to ride the train with Krew. He was the only person over the age of four on the entire train! He was so embarassed oops i mean excited to be the only adult on the train at the zoo :)

When we got home from the zoo Doug decided to get out the Jeep that Mitch and Jack let Krew borrow to see if Krew is still afraid of it. . . it was a hit! Doug spent time showing him how to drive it however Krew is still a little wreckless on it.

Ruining the flower beds . . .

Wave at mommy! Yes, I did just ram your car momma. Smile and wave Krew, smile and wave.

Sat. afternoon Doug watched the boys so I could have some "grown up girl time" :) When I came home all 3 of my boys were asleep! . . .While my mom was here she slept on an air matress we put in our spare room. Krew slept with her one night and ever since she left he is always asking to sleep in Grandma's bed. He'll crawl in bed then say "I want gama to come back on her air plane" :) Here is a pic of him taking a nap in "Gama's bed".

Sweet right?

Friday, September 16, 2011

Brody Mychael Messick

He finally came! And I'm so glad he did! Brody is by far the best baby I have had! He is already sleeping for two hours at a time at night, (Krew never did that until he was about 6 months old) the other night Krew and Brody got up the same amount of times. Yes, thats right. Brody rarely cries. . . When he's hungry he just grunts(like a piglet) Its so cute! I'm beginning to realize more and more what an absolutely terrible baby Krew was. :) I say that in the kindest way possible. I wouldn't trade him for the world. But Brody ceases to amaze me. God must have known that I needed an easy one.
So I got enduced this time. I was really nervous about this because i've heard so many bad stories of it going wrong and moms having to have c sections and that is what i definatlely didn't want to have because my mom was only coming for one week of recovery for me. Not six! They started the pit about 8 am and it was SO SLOW I was getting more and more nervous that it wasn't working because the nurses said that they were giving me the highest dose and by 3pm I was only at a 5. I just knew that it wasn't going to work and I would have to have a c section. So, they turned off the pit but my body wasn't about to give up! It took things the rest of the way thank heavens! Quite quickly to! Brody was born at 3:44 pm. He was a whopping 8lbs.even and 21 inches long! Right before he was born his heart rate dropped and stayed down. It was really scary. All of the sudden there was about 30 nurses, a midwife and some wonderful dr. in the room (for the life of me I can't remember her name but she was amazing! Thank Heavens for her! I love her! She did a great job delivering my Brody and calming everyone down!) Someone threw an oxygen mask over my face that was made for a 300 lb. man (it pretty much covered my entire head) so i couldn't hear a darn thing that was going on which really scared me! Finally I ripped it off and said "I don't need that! I can breath fine! I need to push NOW!" Everyone was shocked and said oh, ok well if you feel like pushing then push! So i pushed and out shot A purple Brody with the cord around his neck! He was fine tho. I was fine. This recovery is SO MUCH better than my recovery with Krew. Nursing is going great which is such a relief. I really cant think of anything that isn't going just perfect. (Minus the spare tire Brody left me with) We're so blessed to have his sweet little spirit in our home and I can only hope that I can be the kind of mom that this sweetie deserves.

Whew! finally made it here!

Our bigger, better, family.

Krew first meeting his little brother.

All ready to go home from the hospital. Double chin and all.

Once while my mom was here Brody was sleeping and Krew came running in the house just yelling! Brody lifted his long old fingers up like "stop, would you just stop?" Haha We couldn't stop laughing and had to take a pic.

Sweet feet.

First bath assisted by Grandma. Notice, this boy isn't even crying!

Hello sweet Brody- clean and fresh!

I dunno if you can see but when we put lotion on him right after his bath his hair curled right up! He's got Curly hair just like Krewzer did!

Oh i just LOVE the way babies smell after their baths!

I sure do appreciate my mom coming out and spending her whole week with us! She was such a great help to me and Doug! I KNOW that Krew loved every min they spent together and he really really misses her! Thanks mom!

This is my third set of Roses from Doug. He likes to wait until its a very special occasion to grace me with flowers :) Thanks babe! Love you so much!



These two look so much alike and yet so different to me!

Our first visitors!

Dougs parents were so nice to bring our other car out to us the week before Brody was supposed to be born. We were all hoping that Brody would join us while they were here but Mr. Piggy had his own agenda :) We had so much fun with them and It was hard to say goodbye . . again. Sad to say but I honestly didnt' get any other pics then the ones I have here we were so busy! I know Terrie got a few so i'll have to have her send me some.

Niagra . . .

There is a big rivalry here in Buffalo. Who has better wings? Duffs or Anchor Bar? Of course while Doug's parents were here we had to visit each contender. The night that we went to Anchor Bar this lovely lady was outside promoting some casino. Allen about shot out of his seat when he saw her! He couldn't wait to have his picture taken with the likes of her! He did say that Anchor Bar was definately the better place to eat before he went home. Do you think this had anything to do with it?

On that note, Allen is going to be leaving ALL of his girlfriends behind in about ten days he leaves on his mission to Arizona! We are so proud of him! Good luck Al!


There was quite a bit that happened before little Brody came that I still need to blog about so i'm taking this nap time to catch up! Doug had his white coat ceremony. It was really cool. Doug really LOVES school. especially now that he is learning things that he will actually get to use someday! Its so neat to see him progress in his never ending (it seems like) quest to be a dentist!

The best family pic. I have. Dang the sun in our eyes! We are so proud of you Dougy!

I wanted to get this little man potty trained before the baby came and I'm SO glad to say that after 2 weeks of me just wanting to absolutly pull my hair out and one more week of just plain frustration. . . we're there! Don't get me wrong there is still accidents and I still stress about him forgetting everytime we're in public and yes he has definatly taken a step or two backward since Brody has come but he's still wearing his panties and we're almost at the fully potty trained stage! phew! Who knew potty training could be SUCH a chore!

A couple weeks ago during the Finale of the bachelorette my friends Liz had a few of us girls over to partake of some sparkling cider while she chose between two of the loves of her life :) Fun to get together with the girls. Even if you are the size of a freight train.

Another fun thing I've been doing is Shellac nails! I really questioned if this stuff really stayed on as long as they say it does when it first came out. My sister is a cosmotologist as well and she started using shellac in her salon and LOVED it so when we moved out here I got myself a light and tried it out. My hands are always in water, wiping dirty bums, and doing dishes so reg. nail polish for me usually only lasts one day. I tried the shellac polish out and it stayed on my fingers for a good four weeks and even then I had to work to get it off. Glitter toes are pretty fun to do also. Mine have been on for six weeks and still goin strong! I'm charging $10.00 for fingers, $10.00 for toes and for little girls its $5.00 for fingers and $5.00 for toes! Paint or glitter doesn't matter. Here are a couple pics of some generous people who let me learn on their fingers and toes :)

These are my little neighbor Ragans toes. She's so cute. She couldn't decide what color so we did each toe a different color!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Just the two of us.

I have LOVED spending this last month with Krew. No work, not a ton of responsibility, just hangin out me and my boy. I've had more fun with him then we have ever had before. He's such a nut. Tom I'm getting enduced and quite honestly I'm a little sad for Krew. He's been my baby for 2 1/2 years! I know he's going to be a great big brother and love little Brody but I just hope he knows how much I have cherished the time that we've had together. He is such a good, big, helpful, nice, smart boy. He's my buddy :) We've had fun riding our bikes down to a park that is close to our house practically every day. He loves the tire swing. He gets on it and just laughs and laughs which of course makes me laugh and laugh when I hear his cute laugh.

Krew has been loving riding around this new trike that we got for him. He asks to ride ALL DAY LONG! Lately he's been getting good enough at it that I can just ride my bike behind him and he thinks that is pretty cool. He also loves to sport his little helmet.

The other day I was trying to get comfortable enough on our couch to take a nap. (which is close to impossible when your my size) I was staring at some pics that we had hanging in out living room and I couldn't help the tears from coming! I just can't figure out how my baby went from being this . . .

to this . . .

and now this? STOP GROWING UP!
It reminded me of a song by Trace Adkins that says:
Your gonna miss this.
Your gonna want this back.
Your gonna wish these days,
hadn't gone by so fast.

These are some good times.
So take a good look around.
You may not know it now,
but your gonna miss this.

I'm sure that I've got some strong pregnancy emotions runnin through me right now but I just feel so lucky to be Krew's mom. He's such a sweet boy and I've so cherished the time these past 2 1/2 years that we've had together- just the two of us. That said- I can't wait to meet my new little guy tom and see Krew transition into being a big brother.