Monday, May 21, 2012


While we were on the island we stopped at the beach. So fun to play on the beach!
This was just as we were waiting to get on the ferry to go back to the main land.
We loaded up on the usual snacks for our car ride home. Seeds and pop. Not to mention some AMAZING canadian chocolate bars that we got! I might have eating four of them on the way home. lol! They are so good! Both boys zonked out in the back seats and me and Doug cruised home. We were talking about the big road trip we took about a year ago when we drove to buffalo. We were laughing about how much I hated it when we got here. I could not understand how anybody could like it! Then, I starting thinking about the families that are leaving this year, which made my mind wander to 3 years down the road when we leave and before I knew it the tears were flowing! I can't imaging taking Krew from all his friends, leaving our first house where we already have grown so much in! And we've only lived here one year! Three more years and I'll be a wreck! I love my family. I love going on fun trips with them. I love doing nothing with them. I love our house. I love our friends. I love our life here! I didn't think that I would ever feel sad when I thought about leaving buffalo. I proved myself wrong. This is where Krew and possibly Brody will remember part of their childhood. I always say this but I don't want them to grow up. I turned around and snapped a quick pic of Krew.
Times like this when we have so much fun together really makes me appreciate my family! I love my boys!

Center Island!

While we were in toronto we went to center island. It was my favorite thing that we did. LOVED IT! You ferry out to it- its a island for kids. All about kids. AMAZING! There is a kids amusement park there along with, miles of grass and rolling hills to run on, fire pits to have a bbq, a beach, and for the adults there is even a nude beach at the far end! FUN!
Ferrying out . . .
Goodbye toronto. Thats the CN tower poking up!
This pic pretty much sums out how Krew feels about his dad :)
And, this pic pretty much sums up how Brody feels about both his parents :) He wants mom! I love him!
Krew at the amusement park . . .
Krew does this face when he is having LOTS of fun:
A closer look at the face:
I love to see this face!!!!!


During Dougs break, another fun thing we did was take our boys on their first international trip! We went to Toronto Canada. It was only 90 away so it didn't really seem like it was another country. Just a little drive. I'd heard before that Toronto is Canada's New York City. I'm still yet to visit NYC but I can vouch for Toronto. . .It was awesome and huge. The hotel we stayed at was really nice. Very family friendly. Complete with a separate kids pool with water slide, petting zoo, and video game room with a few wii's in it.! Done. That could have been our vacation and Krew would have been happy. But alas there's more! We only stayed one night but I already want to go back :) We went with our friends Mr, Mrs, and little miss Mcphee. Thanks for going with us friends! Our first night there we decided to out to dinner. We picked a restaurant and set off but, due do that fact that our GPS quit working (I think it was confused that we went into another country perhaps?) and we couldn't call each other because then we would get charged roaming fees- we got separated and lost. It turned out to be an ok night tho! We stumbled upon THE BIGGEST MALL EVER, and Krew had fun just sitting and watching crazy people do crazy things for tips. This is a pic of me and Mr B. down town.
Did I mention that our hotel was in the best location? It was. We were right next to the enormous mall and a couple miles away from china town. The next morning. We decided to walk to china town. (Side note: I woke up this morning and realized that I hadn't packed my makeup, blow dryer, straightener, brush, or comb of any kind! I had NOTHING to do my hair with! Or my face! So . . . don't be to critical of these pics! I'm all natural!) This is us walking to China town.
We sometimes worry about him :) jk
Krew had a blast chasing these pigeons.
Liz wouldn't let me buy these :( Silly silly

Friday, May 18, 2012

Eternal Flame

There is a little 1.5 mile hike about 20 min. from us that lots of people talk about being pretty cool called eternal flame. We decided to do it one sun. after church and it was a blast! Not to mention the "eternal flame" itself was AWESOME! It is a natural gas leak underneath a waterfall so there is always a flame under the falls. Its pretty neat.

Work, worms, and play!

As usual, any spare time that doug has from school he is updating the house . . . I'm glad that he enjoys doing that- I think its a stress outlet for him and I don't complain! :) During his break he worked on the flower beds and one other project that I'm SUPER excited about. (I'll post pics when they are all done!) Wherever dad is, Krew must be! Doug thought it would be a good idea to teach Krew how to dig for worms!!!! bah! He kept bringing them in to show me. The next day I was starting laundry and noticed that Krew had some sort of bouncy ball in his pocket from yest. so I reached in and it was a ball of worms all knotted together! BAHHHHHHH!!!! Why do boys think that is so cool???????
At one point in the day I noticed that Doug had lost his helper so I poked my head out the door and asked where the boys were. Doug told me that Krew said "I'm tired of so much work dad!" So, he filled up a pool in the backyard for him to play in. I stepped around the side of the house to find this:
further inspection led to this:
Brody wanted to play to so we found the perfect pool for him:
Did I mention that we LOVE LOVE LOVE having dad home?

Krew's 1st motorcycle . . .

There is a story behind how we acquired this bike. . . I'll choose not to post it because there may be some inappropriate words associated with the story and there may be young eyes reading this :) However, Krew. is. in. heaven. He LOVES LOVES LOVES LOVES LOVES this precious bike. He has to run out to the garage and make sure its still in there EVERY morning. He asks to ride it CONSTANTLY! It does have a pink seat so, doug ordered a new seat cover along with some parts for it (I forget what its like having a bike for Doug to buy parts for! So many things you never knew the bike needed suddenly it needs . . . ) and its currently torn apart in our garage. Nonetheless, that does not stop Krew from asking to ride it every second of the day. He loves it. Thank you Doug, for making this little boys day. No, for making his LIFE. He seriously loves this bike more than he loves me. Literally.
Double trouble. . .

Daddy's home!!

Doug is officially done with his first year of dental school! Yeah!!! Made it!!! He had two weeks off before he went back to school for his spring semester so we got him for two whole weeks! I mean completely! No studying he had to do, no class he had to be to. It. was. heaven. I honestly forgot what it was like to have a husband around to help put kids to bed at bed time! lol! Oh these two weeks were the best! Anyway, I planned a few fun things for us to do during this break so get ready, It will pry take me a little bit to blog about them cause we tried to smash a years worth of family fun into two weeks :) To start off the break we got to have our friend Gavin over! His mommy and daddy flew to FLORIDA where they were looking for a house to buy since they graduate this year and move on to bigger better things :) I'm glad Gavin stayed with us. Those boys had a blast together. We are sure going to miss them! They had a fun time riding around in Krew's jeep, playing in the sprinkler and then having a bath together (so cute!!) and finally a SLEEPOVER! I was really surprised at how well Gavin did for spending the night not only at a different house but not even in a bed! They fell asleep in the front room together in Krew's tent so I thought what the heck? We tried em out having a "big boy sleepover" and it was a total success. (this might have something to do with the fact that they played literally ALL DAY out in the sun and were totally DRAINED come bed time! Here is some pics:
Sweet boys . . .. Thanks for the fun sleepover Gavin!