Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Welcome Home James!

Dougs brother James got home from his mission tonight. Terrie was elated to say the least. As soon as she saw him walking down the stairs the tears started crying and she started jumping up and down :). It was so cute. . . I can't imagine leaving Krew for two years. Anyway, this was James first time meeting Krew. We have been trying to teach Krew how to say James for weeks now. . . to no avail. It was so excited to see James tonight! We love him and missed him so much! I remember we used to joke about us having a baby when he got home from his miss. and we have a toddler! YIKES! We're so excited to see how James's life unfolds. We are so proud of him for making the right decision to go on a mission and becoming such a good missinary. I know that is the best way to start his adult life out and I can't wait to see when life takes this boy! We love you James!


A couple of weeks ago we went with my parents to Moab Ut. for a week to go ridin. It was so nice to get away for a while. My inlaws took Krew which I am so greatful for! I didn't worry about him the entire time. Moab is such a beautiful place. I could live there. I love riding there because its pretty tough but its such a good work out and I like the challenge. Afer our first ride Doug informed me that he didn't know if he could ride the rest of the time because he was exhausted from taking his bike up some tough places and then getting mine though it to. haha we toughed it out tho. We ended up having a really good time. The temp. was in the 80's the entire time! Perfect!I love seeing my husband in his riding gear :) its hot! I love the red dirt and the slick rock. I was to scared to pack my camera along with me being that I wreck frequently so these a few pics that we took from a phone.

Hottie :)

My mom and dad our guides.

All of us taking a break in a sweet cave we rode into.

Showin me the love. . .

My husband loves me. . . This is what Doug got me for my birthday, mothers day, christmas and every holiday for the rest of the year :)Thanks Doug! Your the :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Like father like son . . .

I have been working on a baby scrap book for Doug and I came across a pic. of him that reminded me alot of a pic. of Krew on a pg. I did for him. I compared them and holy crap they look alike!