Monday, April 18, 2011

MoNsTeR tRuCk ShOw!

We went with my family to watch the monster truck show at the Holt Arena last weekend. It was really fun. Krew is really into trucks so he was mezmorized the entire night!

Doug took Mitch down to the pits before it started and they got to ride in this truck called "sargeant smash!" You can't see where they are in this pic really but they r in there! Right by the window a couple seats back!

The amazing backflip!

The show lasted for 4 hours! I couldn't believe it! However, I was even more suprised that Krew sat still for the ENTIRE THING! I thought for sure we would be chasing him around but he loved watching the trucks so much he just sat on Aunt Abi's lap.

"The Boys" (Mitch Jack and Krew) couldn't believe how big the tires were.

Oh I had to throw in this awesome hair cut that I spotted there. I kinda felt like I was at the eastern Idaho state fair.

We went to the falls the other day and fed the ducks and saw the falls. Krew had a fun time.

Bye bye James!

Doug's brother James headed out to Indiana after school got out to go sell pest control and will be gone all summer. He might come see us in Buffalo after he gets done and right before I pop :) We are really going to miss him.

Dougs parents took us out to eat at our fav. restuarant Texas Rhoadhouse. We went with James and Allen and while we were there we realized that all of us there would be gone in the fall. Doug's mom god pretty sad. We sure will miss being with our family.

Graduation cont. .

O I forgot to post this pic. of these beautiful flowers that Doug bought for me on his graduation day with a note that said thanks for puttin me thru the last four years babe. I thought that was so nice that I started crying! This is the second time that Doug has ever givin me flowers. (the first was the day I had Krew) I just love when he does things like this on special occasions. Makes my day! Thanks hun

The Graduate!

Finals week finally ended and then. . . DOUG GRADUATED! I'm so proud of him for sticking it out and graduating! I love you so much Doug, your a great person, and example of hard work and dedication! What a great achievment!

I can't believe how big I'm getting until I see a pic. of myself. Holy cow! Literally COW! That girl looks like she needs to hit the treadmill!

Doug with Mr. and Mrs. Messick :)

Doug and Nick . . . Friends from elementary school on.

Finals week. . .

Finals week is bittersweet for me. It means the end is near but a whole week of HELL is coming up! This semester has definatly had its challenges for us and I was so ready for Doug to be home for a couple weeks! But I didn't want this week to drag so I planned something for me and Krew to do every night while Doug was gone. (Doug didn't get home until 11:00Pm or later every night- Of course it doesn't help that we live 30 min. from the school so he burns 1 hour driving everyday! I can't wait until we're in Buffalo- Our house is just a few min. from the school! Maybe Doug could even come home for lunch?!?!) Anyway some of the fun things me and Krew did during finals week include: Going to Aunt Ash and Uncle Sam's farm and seeing all the cows! We also had dinner with Ash's sister and brother in law Josh and Kiri which was really fun. They are so nice. Krew LOVED seeing all the baby and momma tow's! I sadly didn't get any pics but I'm sure we'll being doing it again this summer. Our week also included alot of playing outside (Krew is such an outside boy!)

One night I wanted to make some Easter no bake cookies. Of course Krew was up for it he LOVES to "help" me cook. Notice his long lost sock. I do take care of this boy I promise. He doesn't always look like such a rag-muffin. For some reason that darn left sock never stays on tho.

The finished product. I stole this idea from my friend Missy's blog. I thought they were so cute and seasonal :) Thanks for the idea Miss.

We went shopping at Smiths which is Krew's fav. because they have kid carts for him to push. This is usually an out of control shopping experience.

I also got to babysit Camille's kids: Quincy, Katelynn and Elsie one night. She brought over Tangled for the kids to watch which was so fun! I made the older kids popcorn while they watched the movie. . . As you can see Krew was more excited about the popcorn than the movie lol. It was really fun to have them over!

Our week also included a lot of goffing off. I just love this little boy and I'm so glad I have him to keep me company while Doug is at school.

Some Catchin up!

I'm SO BEHIND on posting so here is an all enclusive!
Back at the beginning of March I started to feel slightly better after 2 1/2 months of being sicker than a dog. I told Doug that I really wanted to get out of town and kind of "leave my sickness behind me." He suggested that we go to Boise and watch the state basketball games. So, I took out my pump, grabed all my meds and away we went for a nice weekend away. And believe you me, it was SO NICE to get away. I wasn't terribly sick without my pump which was a blessing from God. In fact I decided not to put it in again! Right now I'm feeling so much better. We have a DVD player in our car which made the ride so much better for Krew. Doug got a pop so naturally Krew had to have one to. Not only did Doug get him a small pop but he definatly got him a "BIG GULP" I just had to laugh when he brought it out of the convienant store. Krew sat in the back and drank half of it and watched his fav. show Nemo. He then produced about a 10 lb. diaper. Never felt a wetter diaper in my entire career as a mom. Thanks dad. You made Krew's trip.

Playing in the pool at the hotel. Our hotel was right across the parking lot from the Idaho Center which worked out perfectly for us. We could just walk back and forth when Krew got tired of watching B-ball and go swim. On sun. morn. we spent 3 hours in the pool! Needless to say that Krew was completely a prune by the time he finally got out. He likes swimming so much these days.

Finally I'm blogging some pics from Krew's 2nd birthday party! He is always so excited to have visitors! Thanks to everyone who came you made his day!

Fav. Uncle Allen. Al is so nice to always take krew to play outside and spend time with him. We love you Al and we r really going to miss you! (especially Krew!)

Missy and Coby came up to Idaho a couple weeks ago and it was fun to visit while I did her hair. She brought Jacoby over to play with Krew and I was really suprised at how good they played together givin Krews sharing abilities :) I really miss Missy! Sometimes I really think twice about going to Buffalo because Missy's husband is going to Med school in AZ and Doug got into the same school for dental. We would have so much fun if we went there!

Fast hug! Even tho this pic. is blurry I had to post it because its so cute.

We also got to go to Pres's Birthday party at the Blackfoot pool. Krew LOVED the slide there! I thought this was a cute pic I snapped of the two of them.

My Cousin Tiff made it through Idaho Falls the other day and she stopped by. I was really glad she stopped because I hadn't seen her little boy Grant Benjamin yet. He's seriously the CUTEST little boy! Holding him made me really excited to have a baby. I forget how easy babies are at first :) SO fun to hold and cuddle! Sadly this is the best pic we got. Krew was being quite a character. He wanted to go outside if you can imagine that.

Its a BOY!

I don't think I ever blogged that we're having ANOTHER boy! We found out a couple weeks ago and I just haven't had time to post pics from the ultrasound. So, after I get all caught up I'll figure out how to post em. We'er really excited to have another boy. It will be really fun to have two little boys I think. Hopefully they will be great buddies. Doug's mom had 7 boys and no girls so they keep teasing me that I'm going to carry on the tradition and have all boys ah! Who knows maybe that will be the case but I can't complain because c'mon who doesn't love little boys? If this next one is at all like Krew he will certainly work his way right into everyone's heart! :)