Monday, March 29, 2010

One year pics.

Since it was semi-nice on Sun. me and my mom decided we should take Krew outside and take his one year pictures. We also tried to get some family shots. Its was a little chilly but he was a trooper!


This friday Doug was up at school way late so I had my friend Megan come over. Meg is quite the character:) She had me laughing all night. From the second she got in the car she had an agenda. She wanted to go get ice cream, do our nails, do our hair, and then try on all of my high heels. I asked her where she wanted to get ice cream and she said "I can't remember what its called but I'll tell you how to get there." No doubt about it this girl knows her way around Idaho Falls! She directed me right to cold stone. Then we came back home I did her nails and she did my hair (to save some pride I opted not to post a picture of that) and then she tried all my heels on. Each time she tried a new pair on she had to walk on the hard floor to hear the heels clip clop. :) haha.

I love all of her different faces and poses which she came up with all on her own I might add.

We had tonz of fun!
O I also found a blog that I really really like. . . it has some super cute ideas for little girls hair. Thought I would share it: hopefully one day I have a daughter to try these on. . .now watch me have all boys! AHH!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Birthday PaRtY

Today is Krews birthday! We had a little party for him on Sun. Nothing big just let him attack some dirt cake which my mom provided and opened some presents. (Even tho I old everyone that this was a no present party the grandparents couldn't resist) Here is some pics I took!

This is Krews closest cousin Elsie. Don't they look alike?

Thank you so much for everyone who came to celebrate with us. Also, thanks so much for the nice gifts that Krew recieved. Its so fun for him to play with some new toys and I enjoy it also it gives me a little break from trying to entertain him.

One year old!!

I can't believe that my baby is one year old!! It makes me so sad! I feel so blessed to be Krews mom. He is more than I could have even hoped for. I love having Krew in our family. He is such a character. Here are a few pics. of Krew recently and throughout this entire year! We love you more than anything Krew! You make our lives fun!

I suck at resisting treats!

So since Krews B-day pary was on Sun.. . a couples days before his actual birthday there was alot of extra treats around our house :( I not only indulged at Krews party but also for a few days after. I guess its back to the diet book. I started cooking from this book after I had Krew so that I could lose my baby weight and it worked pretty good for me. Its nice to be on a diet but still be able to cook and feel like your eating real food. The authors are sisters. They made the book pretty entertaining. If you go to their website they usually have a buy one book and get one free deal! Just thought I'd share.
Lyndsi had her baby! Mother, baby, . . . and father . . . are doing great. Lyndsi and Taylor were so ready for this little sweetie to get here. I've never seen a more equiped mommy. Lyndsi has he cutest diaper bag, hooter hider, sockies, shoes, and clothes and everything in between I have ever seen! Congrats Lyndsi and Taylor!