Sunday, October 30, 2011

SwEeT BoYs

Today I dressed Brodster up for church and thought man he sure reminds me of Krew. I remembered that I had a pic of Krew in this outfit so I took a pic and later discovered that in these pics the boys are pretty close to the same age! (Brody is 3 days older) So out here in Buffalo there is LOTS of little girls. Its no secret that I would LOVE to have a little chica. Girls are so fun. So sweet. I love watching the little girls out here with their daddys. Its precious. Watching is all I can do for now being that me and Doug won't be having any more kids while we're here. But I really hope that one day I can get a girl :) My sister Ashley just found out that she will be having a little girl in March along with one of my food friends from high school Missy! I'm so excited for them. And, a little jelous. Ok good, I admitted it. I found myself in a bit of a slump. I've already gone a little crazy buying little girl baby gifts. . . . Girls are just so fun to shop for! You can dress them up so cute!
OK, so I guess these air Jordans that Brody had been sportin lately are pretty sweet . . . :)

Anyway, back to the point. I've been thinking about all the things that I love about my boys. There is a large list:) Although one day I hope to have a girl, These two boys are pretty much the funnest. I'm excited I had two in a row the same gender. I hope they will be best buds! Brody is SUCH a good baby. He's always smiling at me and cooing and frankly I'm wrapped right around his finger. I can already tell that he has such a good little personality. Krew is a FIREBALL! He pushes me right to my limits. Daily. But, I do have to say that He sure can pick me up when I"m down. There is nothing like a hug from Krew. It melts your heart. He is a very sensitive ilttle boy. Whenever I get after him or put him in time out he usually will come up to me afterward and say "I'm sorry you got mad momma." He also loves loves loves his little brother. He is such a great helper. Whenever Brody is crying he will search for his binkey and shove it in his mouth. If he can't find Brody's binkey he improvises and gives Brody his binkey (which is LOTS larger!) it usually makes Brody gag and I try to step in before Brody pukes:) Lately I've been trying to teach Brody how to fall asleep on his own and letting him cry it out a little bit before naps and bed time. Krew CAN"T STAND it that I won't help him. The other day, I was in the kitchen and just listening to Brody (who was crying) in the monitor. All of the sudden I hear Krew's voice loud and clear saying "its ok Body- Krew is here" Krew had snuck upstairs and crawled into Brody's crib with him. Sweet right? I love these two precious boys. I'm so lucky to have them and I wouldn't trade either of them for the world.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

This fall in Buffalo . . .

So the fall season here in Buffalo ROCKS. The leaves are BEAUTIFUL. We have SO MANY leaves on our lawn its incredible. On sat. Doug was cleaning them up and Krew really wanted to go outside to help him so I bundled him up and he had a good ol time playin in the leaves.

I have to admit that I was excited to stop working and be a stay at home mom but honestly, I was worried that we would be a little bored. I shouldn't have worried because there is alot of fun things going on here. The fire station close to our house had a fun thing going on the other night. They let kids come and check out the fire trucks! Krew was talking about it all day long! He's a big talker cause when we got there all he wanted to do was cover his ears and watch from a safe distance :) He really liked seeing the big ladder and spraying the hose tho. He's still talking about it. . . and talking about it and talking about it. . . to much talking!

Krew is still liking his trike . . . on days that its not to cold he likes to bundle up and go ride it on the side walk.

We've also had quite a few pretty rainy days here . . .

Since its been so rainy we've had to stay inside and play quite a bit. Krew is really starting to like to play with his toys. He's into air planes, trains, loaders, dump trucks, monster trucks, ect ect. He's fun to watch play with them. He usually lines them up in a row and races them or makes them jump off of the furniture.

I went in Krew's room to check on him one day and he had made these "garages" out of some blocks for his cars. Silly boy.

And lastly, just a pic of my littlest man. He's getting so big!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

All shnazzed up for church!

Today was Brody's first day at church. After I got both boys ready (which by the way took me SOOOOOOO long!, Fear not, we were only five min late for church! yahoo!) anyway, I couldn't stop staring at the boys after i got them ready. I know every mom thinks that her child is adorable which is how it should be but I really couldn't believe how cute these boys looked. I'm so blessed. I love em so much!

My friend Jen made Brody's tie and gave it to me at my shower. She is an amazing seamstress. Thanks Jen!

And one of Krewzer, missionary part and all.

Da AiRpAnEs!

For playgroup this week we got to go the airport and get a close up of the helicopters! Krew absolutely loves the air port. He's always talking about the airplanes that go high and are loud. Its probably his favorite thing to do here so he was extra excited for playgroup this week. Great choice Stephanie!

Even tho Krew LOVES da helicopers he was deathly affraid it would turn on and be loud. So, sadly he wouldn't get in it but he watched from a safe distance with his ears plugged.

This is how close it is to the landing strip! i'm sure it won't be long before we're back!

Homesick. . .

I was going through pics on my camera and found these from when my mom came. They made me homesick. When my mom got off the plane Krew made this sign for her . . .

What I would give for a hug from mom now! ; )

Miss ya mom! Can't wait for another hug next time we come home!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Brody's announcement

Here is Mr. Brod's announcement and the rest of his newborn pics! My great friend Mrs. Mallory Nikolaus took them and despite Brody pooping on her blanket and not falling asleep for the entire shoot she did a great job! I could just kiss this boy all day long. Oh, wait thats what I do! Love him.

Friday, October 7, 2011

BoO aT tHe ZoO! . . . and a few other things

Another zoo post! I promise we do do more things that hit the zoo up all the time. They had trick or treating and some fun stuff to do at the zoo so we got the boys dressed up and went to get some treats! yep, Krew had all of his candy eaten by the time we left. And yes, he did play so hard after he ate all his candy that he threw it all up before we left also. It was a fun thing tho.

Cutest lil punkin in NY if I do say so myself!

There was a little haunted house that I told Doug to take Krew through. About 15 seconds after entering Krew ran out crying and plugging his ears. Guess he wasn't quite ready for that!

Of course we had to visit Krew's FAVORITE animal the BRRRR! When he saw this baby bear he said "that looks like Body momma" ?? Maybe because its legs are so short? lol. Don't ask me why its turning green.

When Krew saw this bounce house he couldn't believe that it was a puppy just like him! He wanted to jump in it so bad. . .

A little bit scared of all the "big kids" jumping around at first.

Not sure about this mom its pretty high!

Finally got the courage to go down!

Here is Krew with his buddies Carter and Parker. I'm glad he's made friends out here. These boys are to cute!

Krew has been quite the picky eater lately. The other day Our friend Josh told Krew to eat his food like a dinosaur! Krew really liked that idea and he now insists that I place his plate on the floor every meal and he "eats like a dinosaur." No utensils. But as long as his plate is on the floor he gobbles it all up! Whatever works I guess. Am I a bad mom for letting him eat off the floor?

We set up this tent for Krew to play in while we watched conference. He loved it. He wanted to sleep in it. We let him. Can't wait to go camping next summer!

Brodster is 1 month old! Here is a pic. of him nice and alert! He's still such a good baby. When he left the hospital he had only lost one oz. and when I took him to his 2 week apt. he had gained 1lb. 2 oz. !!! Mr. Fatty :) I now have to put baby powder in between his fat rolls so they don't chafe! I just love my fat baby boys! Soon, i'll post some of his newborn pics that my friend Mallory took.

It was Doug's B-day on the 28th. He turned 26! I can't believe it! He;s now closer to 30 than 20. I think 30 is going to be a turning point. I mean i remember when my parents were 30 and they seemed so old! (no offense mom and dad) Pretty soon we'll be grandparents with bad knee's and medication :) Lol JK! By the way Dave and Julie- Thanks for Doug's B-day gift! You really spoiled him. It did confirm my thoughts that you love him more than me. :) Don't deney it! I made a cake for Doug and here is Krew enjoying "helping" me make it.

On a different note, we a had a fatality the other day. This is or was my favorite wreath. I spent hours making it. Ok thats a lie. I was wanting to make one like this and was dreading the amount of time it would take me when i stunbled upon this wreath at a garage sale! $1.00 Viola! Well the humidity out here in NY made it melt and it was attracting ants. :( I had to throw it away! Darn it!