Wednesday, March 21, 2012

SpLaSh LaGoOn!!!!!

For spring break this year I really wanted to do something fun. One of my friends gave me some advice that I really want to listen to. . . she told me to plan something fun or go on a little trip EVERY chance you can while your husband is in school! Who knows how long we'll live in the East! While we're here I want to experience it! So I planned a little trip to an indoor water park in Pennsylvania. I was nervous that it would be super busy because it was spring break but dental school's spring break is not the same as everyone elses! We picked the best time to come! It was totally worth it! It was even fun for the adults! Kwynne was such a good sport to go on the slides with me even tho she is pretty close to her due date! We had so much fun. We also discovered Steak and shake. AMAZING. SERIOUSLY! We might have stopped there twice on our trip to get a milk shake :)

The day before we went to the water park we drove down to Pittsburgh to go to Ikea and on the way back to Erie Kwynne spotted the biggest outlet mall I have ever seen. It was awesome! We shopped till we dropped! Literally! Well, shopped until Brody dropped :) Gotta love the good prices at the outlets!!!

I'm glad I found this pic on my camera . . Doug must have taken it. The day we got home me and Krew crashed on the couch together. Nothin like a good long day of play!

The rest of spring break. . .

It was so nice having Doug home for an entire week! He worked on a few house projects, and spent lots of qt with me and the boys! Thanks to Doug working with him, Krew graduated from his trike! He's loving to ride his big boy bike around!

Yes alot of this took place during spring break as well. . . . Our poor neighbors probably wonder if Krew ever pees in the toilet. Not while the grass is showing! He REALLY likes to take care of his business outside.

Krew had lots of fun playin with his daddy over spring break. Needless to say that Krew didn't really think it was a good idea for Doug to go back to school on Mon :) . . . We love you Doug! I can't wait until you retire and we can spend all day everyday together :) :) :) . .. . that might be a while.

Opening Presents

Since we didn't have Krew's party on his actual birthday his birthday seemed quite like any other day. . . Until we got packages from Grandma, Aunt Ash, and Aunt Meg! Thanks guys! The gum was prob. his fav. present lol.

It took him a min. to warm up to this spiderman mask from aunt Ash . . .

But now he LOVES this mask. He even HAD to wear it to the grocery store. Lucky me, I got to go to the grocery store with spiderman! He even flicks his wrist down and pretends to shoot webs at people! I felt very safe :)

Krew also loved his "learning letter" color book from grandma Terrie!

Krew's Birthday Partay

I wasn't planning on throwing Krew a party this year but a few of my friends let me know that Krew definitely WOULD remember this birthday so I went ahead and planned a party. Ok, my friend Carolyn pretty much planned this party. Krew LOVED IT! He deserves it to that good boy. This past year hasn't been easy on him but he's been a trooper. We love this little guy!

I made the kids cardboard cars from the movie Cars.

We hit a Piniata. . .

The loot . . .

Krew sportin the adorable glasses he got from his "grills" of girls :) aka: Ragan, Keannady, and Tate.

A close up of the cake. Big thanks to my friend Rachel D. for making it!