Monday, August 31, 2009

sad day cont . . . fun with Jake and Cassie . . . of course!!

So. . . leaving Krew was a little tough but, just like I thought we would, we had a blast. I wasn't sad for very long. We went riding that afternoon and by the time we got back to set up camp it was dark and the boys weren't to excited about tenting it. So, Cassie's parents were so nice to lend us their "mobile condo." This is a genuine 1970 brand newish motorhome. This is a pic. of Jake and Doug driving it.

This cute little country bumkin is just Cassie, Don't be scared. I couldn't post any pics of myself because whenever we tried to take a pic of me the camera broke. But, we acctually got one of cassie. She's a hottie. We have so much fun with Jake and Cassie. They will probably be moving far away soon and we are going to miss hanging out with them so much! (not to mentions Krew is going to miss his god parents) I wanted to post a few pics. of all the fun times that we've had together. . .


This is where our friendship originated. Yes, these dorks are Jake and Doug. Doug doesn't usually wear that stylish part and they both look a couple years older now but this cute pic. is Jake and Doug in the Czeck Republic. They served their missions together.

This was a while ago but we went down to Utah and went riding with Jake and Cassie's family. . . it was a blast.

This is us in Driggs, where the Kunz family is originally from. That is me, Cass, and Doug at the top of that hill. Me and Cassie walked up it but the boys were trying to ride their bikes up it! I can't remember if any of them succeeded. Kinda doubt it. :) We had fun sliding down this hill on our bums. (Thats why it looks like I have a diaper on, its only a grocery sack.) I think this is the trip that we figured out that I was pregnant on. . . great memories. . .

I had to post this one, what a Hottie!!

Last and definatly least is this ugly pic. (of me) It is the only one that I had of all four of us. We went on this little ride 4 weeks after I had Krew and yes, this ride hurt! But, Jake and Cassie are so nice they put up with my bad attitude the entire time. Thanks guys. Your great friends! We love you guys!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sad Day

I've had kind of a sad day today. Tomorrow we are going to drop Krew off at my parents and head down to driggs to camp with our friends Jake and Cassie. I can talk real tough about dropping Krew off until the time comes. I know that once we get up to Driggs I will have fun because when we hang out with the Kunz we always have a blast but, I'm afraid that I'm going to have a hard time dropping Krewzer off. Krew is sleeping right now but I'm secretly hoping that he wakes up so I can put him in bed with us and cuddle with him. Its amazing how much joy he brings into my life. It makes me so sad just to think of going one night without him. . . Another reason I'm bummed today is because my sisters Abi, and Megan go back to school on Mon. Abi my youngest sister has been helping me babysit Krew while I work this summer. Krew absolutly LOVES her. Megan works in the office with me. Its been so fun to hang out with them everyday for the past few months. I feel like I'm loosing all my friends! No more Megan, no more Abi, and I don't even get my baby tomorrow night! I'm sure we will have fun camping and I'm excited to go riding because I haven't hardly been at all this summer but until then- I will just be moping around the house. ha ha

Monday, August 17, 2009


Ash is engaged! Sam proposed last night! We are all so excited! Sam is so fun he will be a great addition to our famiy :) We love you both!
Sam carved a Tree to propose! Isn't that sweet?

Monday, August 10, 2009


Just thought I would post this cute pic. that my sister got of Krew. If you can't tell what that scary thing that he's holding is well thats buddy his hippo. He goes everywhere with Krew. Krew won't sleep without him. Poor buddy is always getting peed on (while I change Krew's diaper) or has food on his face (from one of Krew's open mouth kisses) Buddy goes through the wash probably once a day.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Afternoon of fun with the boys

This week my parents went out of town on vacation so me and my sisters were babysitting the boys. They were so good all week that we decided we better do something fun for them the last day. They wanted to go to the zoo. We only spent about 30min. in there because they wanted to rush from animal to animal to see all of them! So we were pretty much running through the zoo. I guess I should say chasing them. Through the zoo. They are so fun.

I think half of the fun is playing on the toys.

Then, we had a picnic. Krew is definatly an outside boy :)

After our picnic, we went back to my parents house and Mitch and Jack wanted Doug to ride their bikes with them. Notice the weeds attached to the bottom of their bikes. They LOVE Doug.

Krew even got a ride! He loved it!


We had a little bit of a scare this week. Doug was watching Krew while I was working one night - Doug put Krewzer in his stroller(not done up) and parked him on our porch, then went to grab something. He heard krew start crying so he finished what he was doing and then went over to see what was up. Krew had wiggled out of his stroller and fallen face first off of the side of our cement steps into the gravel. Needless to say that Doug felt TERRIBLE! Krew was bleeding from his mouth and a little from his nose so Doug took him to the Dr. and the Dr. said that he was fine and we just needed to watch for signs of concussion which Krew didn't have any. What a tuff little dude! I do have to admitt that the little raspberry on his chin is quite adorable. His "owies" aren't that bad but the 1st tumble is a scare for us!

And he's still smilin!