Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We spent Christmas day with the Messicks this year. It was really fun. A little while after everyone got there me and Camille noticed that we had dressed alike! We were twins! :) Krew was so excited to play with all of his cousins that he wouldn't take a nap the little stinker. He had lots of fun tearing all the wrapping paper into shreds tho.

He's really working to keep his eyes open in this pic.!

I was a little bummed this year that my family went out of town for a few days but it was kind of nice in a way because our holiday was a little quieter than normal but I felt like it was easier to focus on the true meaning of christmas. :) Corney I know. The sunday before Christmas I was asking my primary class what they were excited to do during their Christmas break and almost every kid said that they were most excited to give a gift away! How sweet! What if we were all excited to give on Christmas and not to recieve? I really appreciate the gifts, treats, and cards from everyone this year! I love getting Christmas cards. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and enjoys the rest of the break!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

I got tagged to do this post :) Thanks Missy. I'm really not much of a good cook to say the least but here are a few of my fav. Christmas treats! At the Messick Fam. Christmas party we alway frost sugar cookies. . . (that is where these came from) and my mom always makes them to give away. They are so yummy!

My mom also makes Bananna bread to give away. Simple yet delicious!

. . . . and thats all of the pics that I got :) But here are a few more of my fav.'s
* Tofee, My Grandma's recipe. My mom usually makes this every year also but this year she didn't have time :(
*Scones, We usually makes these Christmas morning.
*Hot chocolate (of course)
*chocolates! My father in law makes chocolates every year and they are the best!
Sorry this is kinda a lame-o post! I the food I eat usually doesn't stick around long enough for me to take pics.

Our last min. Christmas spirit

This year for Christmas we were going to stay the night at my parents house but 2 days before Christmas Eve my parents decided to ditch us and go to Arizona to spend Christmas with my Grandma :) (I'm really just jelous that we couldn't go.) We decided that since we were doing Christmas by ourselves then we better get a tree. So thanks to bruce and his tree farm were got to have this perfect little tree. Just the right size. Didn't I decorate it beautifully? haha

This is my favorite. . . ok only ornament :) my mom got it for me. She said that it reminds her of Krew because when Krew gets hung upside down he laughs so hard. Thanks Mom!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Nine months!

I'm a little late on this post . . . but Krew is nine months old now! Here are all the things that Krew can do: Go up (not down) the stairs. Pull himself up on everything. Stand by himself. Walk holding only one hand! He eats mostly just what we eat not so that is nice. He sleeps through the night half of the time :) I know I'm a sucker but I just can't handle his screaming! He likes to wave bye bye and give kisses. One of my fav. things about Krew is his curly hair. It has calmed down quite a bit since he was born but he's still got quite a bit of curl in it.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Its beginning to look alot like CHRISTMAS!

We took the weekend off last weekend and went on a little vacation! We went down to SLC the day after Thanksgiving and stayed at the Little America Hotel. That Hotel is SWEET! It totally puts me in the holiday spirit being there because they always have it decorated for christmas this time of year. We also went and saw the lights on temple square, ate some AMAZING food, and got some pretty good deals while shopping. Bruce, Terrie, Alan, Dave, Paul, Camille, and Elsie were all in on the fun so we had a good time hanging out with family. (Even tho my brother in law Paul teased me quite a bit) I had such a fun time! If I look like I'm a little to happy in this picture its because I am! There is nothing like a little shopping and holiday spirit to put me in a good mood! :)

Doesn't this look sweet? I thought it was pretty.

This is the lobby of our hotel. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!

When daddy comes home. . .

Can I just say that I absolutely LOVED having Doug home over this Thanksgiving weekend? I know that Krew did to. They played so hard. . . . and slept hard!! SO NICE to have someone around to wear Krew out :)

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving everybody!! 2 years and one day ago me and doug got engaged! So, Thanksgiving always brings back memories of our first amazing Thanksgiving together. I'm so greatful to have Doug as my husband. I'm so greatful to have him! Such a great guy:) Man, he still makes me smile. I can't believe how far we have come since our first Thanksgiving together! Since then we have added another special spirit to our family. KREW! I'm so greatful to have Doug and Krew with me this year. I never knew that I could love anybody so much as I love those boys! I hate to brag but I just don't know how it can get any better! I'm so greatful not only for those two but also the rest of my family. . . when it comes right down to it, we might drive eachother nuts once in a while but I simply couldn't live without any member of my family, and in laws! I'm also greatful for all my friends! Couldn't get along without you guys either. I have so many blessings to be greatful for. I simply love this holiday that is set apart specifically for us just to recognize just how much we have been blessed with and give thanks! So thank you to everyone who is apart of me and my family's life! I'm greatful for you all and hope that everyone else had a great Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Moon!

Is anyone else as excited for this as me?? I thought everyone who was into these books at first was so stupid but then I started reading them and now I'm hooked! My little sister Abi and I are going to see this movie tom. night at approx. 12:11 A.M. Yea!! You may think I'm wierd but I'm hooked!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"Not even once"

I couldn't resist not to post this one. :) When we went to that party on Halloween we were supposed to dress up. We didn't cause we were kinda being party poopers but Chris and Kimber sure did! We were trying to figure out what they were supposed to be and someone figured Kimbers costume out finally. She is the girl on the Meth add. Ya know? "Meth, not even once." Looks a little to realistic to me.:)
And I for got to add this cute pic to the previous post.

Here comes the Bride!

Here are some pics. of Sam and Ash!
This is the night that they got engaged! Brother in laws! Sisters!

Krew and his cousin Presley at the wedding dinner. (that food was AMAZING!)

These beauties are Ash's sister in laws. Kimber and Kiri. They are so fun.

Sam and Ash at the temple. They have probably been married an entire 10 min. in this picture! They already look kind of sick of smiling :)

These pics are from the reception:

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Chicken Little

Krew was a chicken for Halloween this year! He didn't trick or treat or anything but we had fun at our wards trunk or treat. Krew is like my primary class's mascot. They were all so excited to see what he dressed up as cause we kept it a secret this year. Doug enjoyed eating all of the candy which Krew collected.:) He acts like he likes Halloween more than christmas! After that we didn't do much just went down to Doug's parents house then went to a little party that some of our friends threw. Can't wait until next year when Krew can trick or treat!

We also raked our leaves on Sat.! I snapped a couple pics of Krewzer.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Up to no good!

Just like I thought that he would, Krew started crawling days after I posted that last post. (That is partly the reason I haven't done a post in so long) Between working 8-8 and watching Krew. . . more like chasing Krew I have zero time. Whenever I hear stay at home moms say how busy or stressed out they are I just have a little giggle inside because I would LOVE nothing more than just to play and take care of Krew all day. . . I feel like it would be a FREAKING VACATION! oh well someday hopefully. Krew has earned himself a new nicname "terror" he gets into absolutly everything. He is such a busy little boy. Here is a few things he has been up to. . .
Its really sad and disgusting that I'm posting this picture but I'm trying to look at the bright side. . . at least Krew is helping me out with dusting.

"Helping" mom in the office. . .

Reaching for things that he's not supposed to have but can't stand to not explore!

Making it impossible to fold laundry.

He even likes the trash! . . . no this is not a homeless baby!

Last weekend my sister Ashley got married. . . I'm still working on getting a pic. of the beautiful bride and groom - because being my ditzy self I forgot my own camera- But, here is a pic. of me and Krew right before the reception. After all the the messes that Krew has been making because he is now mobile I just have to love him because come on now, look at him, how can I not? :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Another Krew Update

Well a couple of days ago Krewzer turned 7 months old. . . not a huge milestone but he's done some cool things this month so I thought I would blog em'. He got his first tooth! He was really really fussy for a few days and then one morning he woke up with a tooth! yay Krew! I didn't give him any Tylenol or anything :( oops. . . He lived tho. He is also ALMOST crawling, he'll scoot all over the place but I think it would be cheating if I called it crawling. He should start crawling in days. So close! He got his second hair cut. . . he is really scared of the clippers haha. Makes for an entertaining cut. Loves his baths, aunts, food, treats :) He's so much fun he laughes at everything and its one of those really contagious laughs! Right from his big ol' gut. haha I just love my Krew.
I thought this was a funny picture that I took of Krew on my phone . . . His first time trying prunes he wasn't to sure about them.

Another one of Krew's favorite foods is blanket :) Don't let these "Angel eyes" fool ya! He can be a stinker! . . . in more ways than one! But I do have to say that this cute face makes up for everything else!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

How to look good Naked . . .

I don't know about anyone else but on a scale from one to ten I'd give this naked boy a ten! Enjoy the eye candy :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

six months!

Krew is six months!! . . . yesterday . . . He gets funner and funner everyday. Krew can roll over no problem now, stomach to back or back to stomach. He gets up on his hands and knees and rocks but i'm not holding my breath for the crawling, I can wait. He babbles all of the time. Lots of times it sounds like he's saying hi! He recieved his first hair cut the other day and he is scared to death of the clippers. Anytime the clippers got close he shut his eyes and started shaking. Ha ha it was funny. He eats four times a day. (which is much nicer than every two hours that it was for a while) HE LOVES FOOD! He gets so excited everytime I put him in his high chair.
Can you tell he wants a bite?

Krew also loves animals! Everytime we see a dog he just starts squeeling and laughing so hard he can hardly breath. We took him to the petting zoo at the fair and found out that he likes goats just as much as dogs!

This beautiful dog is Pearl. She is Doug's brother Paul and Camille's dog. Krew liked playing with this dog almost as much as he likes his cousins.

I am so glad that we have Krew! I love him so much! He makes us so happy!

Monday, August 31, 2009

sad day cont . . . fun with Jake and Cassie . . . of course!!

So. . . leaving Krew was a little tough but, just like I thought we would, we had a blast. I wasn't sad for very long. We went riding that afternoon and by the time we got back to set up camp it was dark and the boys weren't to excited about tenting it. So, Cassie's parents were so nice to lend us their "mobile condo." This is a genuine 1970 brand newish motorhome. This is a pic. of Jake and Doug driving it.

This cute little country bumkin is just Cassie, Don't be scared. I couldn't post any pics of myself because whenever we tried to take a pic of me the camera broke. But, we acctually got one of cassie. She's a hottie. We have so much fun with Jake and Cassie. They will probably be moving far away soon and we are going to miss hanging out with them so much! (not to mentions Krew is going to miss his god parents) I wanted to post a few pics. of all the fun times that we've had together. . .