Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Brody's Blessing.

We waited to bless Brody until we flew "home" to Idaho for Christmas. I just realized I never posted pics of that. Brody was possibly the oldest baby ever blessed:) . . . and biggest! He BARELY squeezed into the outfit that Krew wore- granted he was a few months older than Krew was at the time of the blessing. Doug blessed Brody and gave a beautiful blessing. It was so nice to be around family and friends for this occasion.

And I had to throw in a pic of Brody and Aunt Ash. She is going to have a baby in about a month and a half and I CANT WAIT. I'm going to be an Aunt!! To a niece!!! yeah!!!!!

More of Brody

While we were home for Christmas my mom got out her camera and got a few pics of Brody. She just emailed em to me and I can't believe how cute they turned out! I thought I would post a couple. Thanks mom!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nursery snack time

We are in the nursery with our good friends Josh and Liz. A couple Sunday's ago, we spotted Krew playing with a doll. I thought this was wierd because he rarely gives the dolls a second thought so I took a closer look. . .Josh took this video on his phone of Krew "feeding the baby." Guess I need to start being more modest when I feed Brody :) Its kind of alarming that he thinks I feed him from my belly button. Oh well, thank goodness for plastic surgery :)

Krew's "hebrew"

I'm trying to record all the funny things that Krew does and all the things he says that make us laugh. So, I had to write a couple things down . . .
The other day Doug was on his way out the door to go to the gym when Krew just starts crying and crying saying "daddy, don't leave me again! PLEASE!!!!! Stay with me!!!" Doug looked at me and said "How do I say no to that?" So, he skipped the gym and went outside to play with Krew in the snow. I was watching them play and I just thought it was so cute. When they were taking off all of their snow clothes I said to Doug- "You guys looked like you were havin fun out there- Its so cute hun, you're his little Hero :)" When Krew heard me say this he goes "ya dad!, You're my little hebro!" (like hebrew only with a bro at the end) Doug and I immediately started laughing which made krew feel like a little comedian. For the rest of the night all we heard was: " I wanna play with my little Hebro, I wanna sit with my hebro, I wanna study like my little hebro!" It was quite hilarious.

Another funny: The other day I was at the grocery store with the boys. Krew likes to play this -I want that?- game. He'll see some treat that he wants and he'll look at me and say "I want that?" I usually say "No, probably not right now." but sometimes I'll tell him he can get it. This day was one of those days that I was trying to hurry so Krew was hearing a lot of "NO's" All of the sudden he said "I want Jesus CHrist?" ???????? He looked up at me and I'm sure he saw an alarmed face because thats just not something I was expecting to hear. He likes to get a reaction from me so he started YELLING " I WANT JESUS CHRIST! I WANT JESUS CHRIST!" I really didn't know what to say to the kid. I didn't want to tell him that we don't say that but I definitely wanted him to stop screaming that so I said "Krew, usually we only say Jesus Christ at church or when we are being reverent." What does he do then? He changes to "I WANT HEAVENLY FATHER! I WANT HEAVENLY FATHER!" If I was in Idaho and this happened I don't think that this would be as big of a deal because everyone would know that he probably just had a nursery lesson on Heavenly father and Jesus or something but here is a different story. . . No one here is Lds and EVERYONE was looking at me like I was crazy. He finally calmed down and stopped screaming when I bribed him with a treat. I really wasn't expecting that one. At least I know that he's learning something at church!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Milestones. . ..

In the dept. of growing up, LOTS has happened in our house this month. Lets start with Mr. Brody. He started rolling over with he was about 3 1/2 months old. and then when he hit 4 months we got to try out some rice cereal. He wasn't sure about it at first but he REALLY likes it now.

Brody started rolling. . ..

We also took away Krew's binky. I know I know we're a little late on that one. Ok REALLY late. Don't judge. I have just been dreading and dreading fighting this battle. And, actually it wasn't all that bad. Shoulda done it about a year ago. . . lesson learned.

Oh, and we got our first snow! To bad it didn't stick around! :( I thought Buffalo winters were supposed to be bad? I went for a run outside 2 days ago for heavens sake! Show me the snow!

This ones for the BoYs

I thought these boys looked pretty cute in their new Christmas bow ties I made for them. . .

Krew has been really good about being a big brother lately. The other day I was working on something on the comp. and Brody was in his jumper crying for me. I heard Krew go over and suddenly Brody stopped crying so I yelled "Thanks Krew just keep playin with him for one more min." then I heard Krew say "up, up, and away!" then Brody would just laugh and laugh. So i ran for my camera. . . .

Dangerous? probably.

Our time in Idaho. . .

I was so so glad to go home for christmas. I really couldn't handle another week of Doug being gone ALL OF THE TIME. I flew home a week before Doug. Alone. Well, with my 2 1/2 year old and my 3 month old. Call me crazy but it was worth it. The flight actually wasn't horrible. Krew was a good boy and listed to me and they both fell asleep for 2 hours. I wish I had gotten more pics of the time I spent with my family but we were just to busy. :) My grandma came to town for christmas as well and she LOVES to shop more than anyone I know so we went shopping probably every other day lol. I love her and it was so good to spend time with her.

Krew has missed Uncle Mitch and Jack SOOOOO much! He slept with Mitch every night. They played hard and slept hard. What good uncles. We wish you lived in Buffalo!

I let Krew choose what he wanted in his own yogert. . .healthy yogert piled full of sugar. Doesn't surprise me a bit. He even told me that he wanted some pop to put in it. Thats my boy. Or actually Doug's boy. Mr. pop A-holic.

Terrie didn't know that we were coming home. I thought it would be fun to just show up on her door step. So thats what I did! She hadn't met Brody yet so she was extra excited to meet him. I thought I was going to have to call the Ambulance to revive her after she answered the door!:) We had lots of fun with them while we stayed with em. . .
Terrie wanted to take Krew with her to her school one day. Krew thought he was pretty important going to school just like daddy.

While we were staying with the Messicks, Bruce got out this old train track that he got from his dad. It kept Krew entertained for hours.

Its become a tradition for Terrie to have the grandkids over around Christmastime to make ginger bread houses. It was fun for Krew to be included in that this year. I didn't realize how much work she puts into these until I helped her make them! What a great Grandma. The work pays off tho because ALL of the grandkids LOVE doing this.

It was fun to be there for the big Messick Christmas party too! Every year the grandkids do a nativity. Krew was a shepard however I didn't get any pics of that because it only lasted for about 2 seconds when he decided that his costume (a towel with a hole in it for his head to go thru) was "broken" because it had no arm holes. He just couldn't understand it. Brody was the baby Jesus however, he didn't have a costume so he kind of looked like a modern baby Jesus. Ya just had to use your imagination. . .

When the time came for us to go home there was lots of tears. When were were at the salt lake air port walking down the hall to our terminal I remembered running as fast as I could the other way down the hall with my Double stroller and my huge bag to be greeted by my mom and sister just two SHORT weeks ago. . . the tears started all over again. It was killer. Doug thought I was seriously depressed. I probably cried half way to Chicago. I HATE not having my family around to see Brody grow up and play with Krew. I'm going to miss my sister Ashley's first baby in two months and I CANT STAND the thought of missing out on that. I love my family so much and I'm happy I got to come home for Christmas. It was a very Merry Christmas for me that is for sure.

Christmas Morning

On Christmas Eve we stayed the night at my parents as did Ash and Sam. Meg and Josh just live up the road so they came over early to get into the fun as well! It was nice to have my Grandma there to.
Santa found us AGAIN! In Idaho this time! . . . thanks to Grandma . . .

Can I eat that candy now????

Thank you great Gama .. . Krew really loves the loader and backhoe and roller and excavator ect ect. . that you gave him!

The Pettet's . . .

Brody gave Jack a gun for christmas . .. it was a big hit. Literally. I got hit like seven times with it. He really liked it.

Brody modeling some boots he got.

The car seat cover I made for Ash . . .

Uncle Sam really has quite the touch with the babies. Good thing to cause he's going to be a DADDY come March. We're so excited for a little girl cousin!!!!!

In the afternoon we went to the Messicks to talk to Uncle Allen and open some more gifts. . .
The boys were just waiting for the opening to begin :)

Elsie got a hair stylist kit and Krew thought it was AwEsOmE!! He knew just what to do with it, he had Elsie's hair styled in no time. Should I be worried about that?