Friday, July 9, 2010

To bone and back!

Me and a bunch of my friends at work ran the "To bone and back" race a couple of weeks ago. It was so much fun to train and really work for something! It made running so much more enjoyable. For anybody who hasn't heard of this race its a 40 mile race, each team has 8 people or less and each person has to run at least 5 miles. We had 7 on our team including: Me, Annie Cooper, Tiffy Sargent, Emily Sargent, Melanie Furniss, Lyndsay Nulph and filling in at the last min. Kim Ence. We all ran five miles except for Melanie who ran ten. Our Boss Sherry, her husband Bruce and daughter carly came and drove our support vehicle and cheered us on. Sara Sanders came and rode with us to thanks Sara! Sherry chased us around with the water sprayer all day and boy was I glad because I ran my leg right in the heat of they day. Here's some pics:

This pic. was right before I ran . . . so nervous!

When we crossed the finish line we were so suprised to learn that we took 3rd! Out of 13 teams! We were not expecting to place at all we were just excited to do it so it was really exciting that we all did so well. I even got a medal out of it :) I had so much fun! Thanks to everyone who cheered us on and helped us out!

Catchin up!

Ok so I'm really sorry about this huge long post but I've been so behind lately. . . You don't have to read it. . . really!
On the Fourth this year me and Doug decided to the the "firecracker fun run" before the parade. It was a 5k along some of the parade route. We had fun doing it. My parents offered to watch Krew that morning and needless to say he was quite spoiled this morning. :)

Krew and grandpa. . ..

This was Mitch and Jack's fav. part of the parade :) MONSTER TRUCK!!! Hope everyone had a good 4th!

My B-day was the other day and I had the best birthday I've ever had! Seriously! My parents must have thought that I've been quite cranky lately or something so they gave me a gift certificate so that I could go get a massage which was DIVINE! My sister megan came in and worked for me all day. . . happy birthday to me. My sister Abi watched Krew for me all day . . . happy birthday to me!!!! This really meant alot to me I guess because I don't ever really have "me" time. Here are some pics I got of Meg Abi and Krew that day.

Me and my mom also took Krewa and Mitch and Jack to the zoo! I had to include this pic. This monkey was Krews fav. animal at the zoo! It came and sat righ in front of Krew and just stared at him. It was so cute! To bad I didn't get a pic.! . . .At the end of my most amazing wonderful day I was telling Doug all about it and got a little choked up because even tho I absolutely loved all my gifts, it meant so much to me to get such a genuine wonderful gift from my sisters. I love them so much and I'm going to miss them when we move away one day. I know that no matter how many "things" anyone has in life real joy comes from your family. Thanks so much Meg and Abi, I love you guys!

I also missed fathers day. Happy Fathers Day to all the dads in my life! This is Doug on the bike I gave him for fathers day. . . ok not really. He wishes. Its my dads bike and Doug drives it home for lunch almost every day and loves every min. of it!

This pic. is on of my fav's! Its the first time that doug held Krew. Krew's pretty fresh in this pic. but it just warms my heart to watch Doug with Krew he is such a good dad and I'm so so so glad that he is setting such a good example to Krew in every aspect of his life.

Bathroom re-do

I've been re-doing this bathroom for quite some time and I finally decided that I just need to git er done! I didn't have any before pics. but here are some afters: . . . I started with my shower curtain. Plain and boring brown. I got the idea from one of the craft blogs I was looking at one day, can't remember which one, but all I did was just sew on a strip of fabric and wa la. Drab to Fab.

I snagged this old shelf at a garage sale for .25 painted it up, made a string of pearls, found an old perfume bottle from hollister that I had and of course had to add some smell goods since its the bathroom. Notice how I wrapped some scrap fabric that I had left over from the shower curtain around the glass? I thought that tied it in pretty good. I had two pretty frames left over from our reception that I love but didn't really know what to do with so I used one here and antiqued a pic. of me and doug.

I made a couple more strands of pearls to put on the hand towels (which I thought would also be a cute idea for napkin rings), used an old frame from our wedding which had some pearls on it and antiqued a bum shot of Krew :)

All in all I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out . . . even tho Doug complains about the "girly-ness" of this room. I'm working on a couple projects right now so more projects coming soon . . . ok maybe not so soon.