Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Letters: D & E

Krew and I have been working on learning his letters. He is starting pre-school in the fall and I'm not super concerned that he knows them perfectly but I would like him to at least have a taste for them. I learned when I potty trained this boy that when trying to teach him something- especially something important- its go big or go home :) So I prepared, (much more than I did for potty training) I got a coloring book with letters in it, my wonderful mom sent me a dry erase book with letters in it, I got crayons and markers and away we went. I went over a letter per day with him and It just wasn't sinking in. I'd ask him Krew, what does A say? and he would say "DUH" or what does O say? and he would say "Aaaaa" So I decided that we needed to spend more time on each one and perhaps do some activities that he would remember. I decided I would take pics of what we did and make him a book of everything we did associated with that letter. Last week was the letter D. Krew learned how to get Dressed, We went to lunch with Doug, our Dad :), Krew wore his Dinosaur shirt around:

We went thru all of Krew's toys and picked out the toys that started with the letter D because I realized there was quite a few.

After we picked out all the toys Krew said "hey momma- I want the D-D-diggers to D-D-dig!" I was quite impressed and knew that I needed to make this a "big deal." So as I was racking my brain of something to do I remembered that I saw this fun thing to do- Fill the tub up with snow! After 5 heavy shovelfulls of snow our bath tub was full, Krew was happier than a lark, and those diggers dug until they were dead! :) - such a great idea to keep him occupied all day long!!

We did some Dancing. . .

This is one of Krews' fav. treats. . . He likes to Dip.

This week we're working on E and I have lots of great ideas for this letter! -NOT!- All we have done so far is make some eggs! wahoo! Hope he remembers the fun he had doing that :)

Just some fun we've been having. . .

We haven't done anything crazy exciting lately but we have been having a little bit of fun. . . .
For playgroup last week, we went roller skating! IT WAS SO FUN! Even tho it was spring break it was suprisingly not busy at all! There was only a handful of us there! The kids could bring anything that rolled to ride around the rink so we brought krews trike and I pushed Brodster around in the stroller. Some of my friends and I decided to put skates on our boys which lasted not long and then we put our skates on and I'm not gonna lie it was pretty fun :) :) Kinda felt like I was in middle school again! LOL!

Krew wanted to go shovel the snow with his dad the other day but he DID NOT like the snow flying in his eyes- so, dad found a great alternative: snow glasses! aka: sun glasses! . . . shoveling in style . . .

Our friend Ragan decided to show me and Krew her dance poses the other day, they are amazing! She tried to teach Krew some of her moves but he just doesn't bend/ jive like Ray can . . .

She showed us how she can do a bridge. . .

. . . . and then Krew said look at my bridge momma! I can drive some trucks under it! This is the male version of a gymnastics bridge. Much more useful, you can drive trucks under it!

Brody has been LOVING his baths lately! When I put the boys in together he gets so excited! Krew is such a nice big brother to just sit in the bath with him and dump water on his feet so they don't get cold.

This is what I can down the stairs to the other day- he couldn't even make it to his bed he was so tired! LOVE it when nap time presents its self this way!

Friday, February 10, 2012

The things that come out of that kids mouth. . .

Krew has been saying some pretty funny things lately. Thought I would write a couple down to remember them.
The other day I was SUPER stressed (and now I can't even remember what I was stressed over so it must have been really important.) Krew was talking and talking and talking so I put Brody in his crib and locked myself in the bathroom to have just a min. to myself. One min. later I get a knock on the door- "Mom? are you poopin?" and I replied "no Krew I'm about to freak out- can you just go play with your toys for a min?) and away he went, I calmed down and didn't think much of it. When Doug got home that night he asked Krew "what did you do today Krew?" To which Krew answered "Mom freaked out!" We laughed :) Thats now his favorite thing to say. Whenever Brody is playing with his cars (Krew still isn't a pro at sharing) he says Brody don't touch that cause I'm gonna freak out.
Whenever I ask Krew to do something that he doens't want to do he says "Oh mom, I'm just so tired."
One thing that Krew doens't like to do is throw away poopy diapers. He's fine if there is just pee in the diaper. Whenever I ask him to throw away a diaper he says "Is it poopy?" If I say yes he says "just set it down." One day I decided that I would tell him that it wasn't when it really was. I watching him carry it off into the other room to the garbage and right before he threw it away he opened one of the flaps to check and make sure it wasn't poopy (it must have been a really stinky one) as soon as he saw that it WAS poopy he dropped it on the floor. and screamed "I"M FREAKING OUT MOM!" hahaha
So about 2 weeks ago Krew kept telling me "there is a spider in my ear" At first that made me really nervous. I looked in his ear and decided that a spider probably couldn't fit in his ear and he must of gotten this idea off of a movie or maybe he was talking about spider man (his favorite super hero) or who knows where he got this idea. Anyway- he kept telling me this for about 3 days and finally I was pretty stern with him and said "Krew, your fine! There is no spider in his ear." Well that night I woke up at 2 am to him SCREAMING at the top of his lungs saying that his ear hurt. Hello mrs. mom of the year- he has an ear infection!!! I felt bad so I decided I would take him to an urgent care right then to get something for the pain because obviiously this had been hurting him for a while. I looked online and couldn't fine any urgent cares! So, I called the hospital and the preceeded to tell me that there is nothing open past 11:00 pm out here I just had to take him to the Er. So i loaded him up and took him to the emergency room for something that wasn't an emergency. (the first of a couple trips we would take that week :) I felt kinda silly taking him in for an ear infection. Come to find out that he had a double ear infection and the Dr. told me that if I would have waited another 24 hours his ear drum prolly would have burst. Great. Like I said- mom of the year! Anyway- I thought it was funny that he said that he had a spider in his ear!
I'm loving my life right now. Staying home all day with my two buddies is the best. Krew's feelings are so soft. He is so sensitive to how people are feeling around him. I love that about him. What a great quality to concern yourself with others. Several times a day he will ask me "Are you happy?" "Are you mad?" "Are you sad?" I just Love my little boys Krew. He's not a toddler anymore. He's my little boy. I can't remember when he stopped being a toddler but now he's a sweet little boy. I'm so lucky to have him.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

4 years!!

Today is our 4 year anniversary! I was thinking this morning about how much has happened since we got married four years ago today . . . I have been pregnant ALMOST half of our entire marriage! wow. Nice to put those sick, huge, horrible days behind me. I'm now looking forward to a LONG stretch of no pregnancy symptoms- as I'm sure Doug is as well. Since we have been dating/ married I have finished school, worked to put Doug through school, had two babies, Doug graduated from BYUI, applied and got accepted to dental school, made it through his first semester of dental school, we bought our first house, moved across the country and away from our family and lastly we've remained best friends through it all. When I look back at all those things I just can't believe how CRAZY the last 4 years of our life has been. Out first few years of being together has kept us very busy and i'll say that our life is not for the faint of heart. Everyone keeps saying that the work we are putting in now will pay off. I think we still have a few more years of crazy but I do have to say that at least for me, this year has not been as crazy for me as under grad. since I don't have to work like a crazy lady. I think Doug is probably singing a different tune :) I'm so glad that I married such a strong, determined, hard working guy. I love him. Thats it. He's perfect for me. I wouldn't have been able to come this far with anyone else. I can confidently say that there is only one person made for me in the whole history of earth and that person is my husband. How lucky am I to have married the EXACT perfect person for me?? Ok enough enough- you get it. I love the guy. Thanks babe for putting up with me for 4 years. I'm glad your better at forgiving than I am :) "No amount of time with you will be enough, but lets start with forever." :) I made that up on my own.

Brody 5 months

Bordy was 5 months yesterday! Yeah! I have to say that I have love love loved Brody as a newborn. (much much much easier than Krew) However, I do like it better when my babies grow up and their not is fragile. Brody has been eating cereal 3 times a day for a month now and he loves it! We just have one more kind of cereal to try and make sure he has no allergies to it then we get to move on to baby food! Brody is SUCH a good baby. I always say that after giving me Krew God said that I deserved an easy one so he sent me Brody. Right now Brody likes to roll all over, eat his cereal ALOT! He isn't very into his binkey which is wierd to me because Krew loved his. Thats good tho- Body loves his baths, and playing with toys. Right now he is in a stage where he grabs EVERYTHING and pulls it to his mouth. He also LOVES his older brother. All the time when I'm busy Krew will just walk over to Brody and Brod will get happy. He laughs at any sort of attention that Krew gives him. I'm so glad I had two boys in a row. I think they are going to be best buddies. Here is a video we took a couple sundays ago when Krew was entertaining Brody.

Brody's month 5 stats: 25 inches long and 17 lbs!!!
On a different note. . . I only know his exact weight because I had to take him to the dr. yest :( Brody has RSV. Its not serious enough to need to be hospitalized right now but it can change pretty fast. I hope that it changes for the better and he gets better fast. Any extra prayers sent our way would be appreciated!