Wednesday, January 16, 2013

NYC (part one)

We went to NYC. Kidless. Heaven. Me and my good friend Denyse were talking one day about how we both wanted to make the trip to the city before we leave and so we decided that we would kid swap and go with our hubbys! We had a great time. We were there for 3 days and 2 nights total so I jam packed out schedule full of stuff to see and do. Here are a few things that we did:
It was cool to see the stock exchange! You always see it in the news/movies but it was way cool to see in person. 


After we walked across the bridge we at at this awesome little pizza restaurant on the brooklyn side of the bridge. It was a fun atmosphere and experience. I was a little embarrassed tho when my husband kept saying "This is just as good as little ceasars!" I don't know if my husband fully appreciated the full authentic Italian pizza :)


This was such a solemn experience. Almost eerie. Its two big holes in the ground where the towers used to stand. Around the edge is inscribed all of the names of the people that died on 9/11. I was really sad to see a few of these:

We were there right after hurricane Sandy and seeing the destruction from that and then coming to this place was all just very sad. This tree is called the survivor tree. It was the only thing that was living after they cleared away the rubble.


Anyway, on to happier things. For me, this was the funnest thing we did. Doug wasn't so sure about it to begin with. We had been out late the night before and I had heard that you had to get there pretty early to be on TV so I got out of bed early and left the hotel (by myself) I was going to be on national TV come late nights or tired eyes! Doug called me while I was walking there (don't be to scared it was only a couple blocks and I got myself a nice hot chocolate on the way there) and said that he would be a few mins behind me. By the time he got there I was like in the middle of the crowd. A large group left after Matt came out thinking that there wasn't going to be anything else to see and then. . . . FLO RIDA came and did a little concert. We were really close to the front. Probably 4 people back.  It was so fun! We weren't really huge fans of Flo before but after hearing him live you better believe we are now!

Did I mention that the fierce 5 came as well?

"Girl I heard you were a wild one . . ."
In other news: I'm considering chopping one side of my hair off and dying it pink! What do ya think? lol JUST KIDDING!


Jen said...

looks like so much fun!! You guys are too cute!

Camille said...

How fun!! Can I just say how darn cute you are, Kate?! You just look like you belong there in New York! I laughed out loud at what Doug said about the pizza. Talk about ruin the moment! haha!

RaCHeL said...

So fun to go without kids! You & Denyse are brilliant for swapping. :) I think you'd look great with pink hair. haha! So jealous!