Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Whats up with us?

I haven't posted in a while and with my kids changing so quick I just wanted to blog about a couple fun things that they have been doing. Brody has turned into quite the character. I used to think when he was a baby that he would be my nice, sweet little boy. . .and then he grew up . . . MONSTER! Don't get me wrong he is still sweet and nice and he's my little cuddler when he's tired, but he is BUSAY! I chase him everywhere. Church is a joke. Only 6 more weeks until he goes to nursery. (but who's counting/) He destroys everything. And then he laughs. (And I usually laugh to cause I just think that he is so dang cute.) Look at that face. He thinks he is hilarious! He is on a potty kick right now. No we are not potty training but he has it in his head that whenever Krew goes to the potty that he needs to as well so he'll run to the toilet and pull up his shirt like Krew does. Once I even pulled down his diaper to see if he would really pee and he did. Whenever he poops he says "Potty!" and runs to the bathroom door but by the time I check him its to late. I wonder if I did potty train him if he'd learn. I just don't know if I'm ready to toilet train him yet! Wierd I know!
He's also on a fork kick. He won't eat anything unless he can eat it with a fork.
Krew has been a little achiever lately. :) He has started doing so many things lately that I'm so proud of! I think that alot of it has to do with the fact that he is in pre-school. It has helped him come out of his shell so much and learn how to make/have friends. He is now writing his first and last name. He also went to the dentist for the first time! He had a cavity and didn't want the shot so he got it filled with no anesthesia! He's one toughie!
He also got to go to a birthday party of a cute little girl in his class. This is Krew and Julianna at her birthday party. They are good friends.
While I was preparing to go out black- friday shopping I handed Krew the toy add from Target and told him to circle a few toys that he wanted for Christmas. When he handed it back to me I noticed that oh, EVERYTHING is circled. That makes my job easy. I'll just grab my money tree on the way out the door . . .
We had our neighbor Ragan over for a sleepover. (Krew worships her) We made donuts and then decorated the Christmas tree and watched Christmas movies. We love Ragan!
This is just another fun trick I taught Krew:
I realize this is a little cheerleaderish but he can still do it while he's little right? Or at least until I can't hold him up anymore! I was impressed by his balance!

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Camille said...

oh, your boys are adorable! I really can't believe how much of a kid Krew is. Not a baby. At all! Kate, you never cease to amaze me at how ambitious you are with everyone else's kids! You are the dream "babysitter!" Maybe you could send some of your creative juices my way?? We miss you guys and love ya lots! Glad you blogged. It makes us feel a little more of a part of your the way, I blogged too. A ridiculous amount...